The easiest and most enjoyable process during Easter preparation is egg coloring. Do you know how to decorate the egg correctly so that it does not crack in boiling water, and the color is intense and even?

To keep the shell whole until the end of cooking, eggs should be held at room temperature for about an hour. Add a spoonful of salt to the water. To make the paint more even, eggs should be degreased – wipe the eggs with soapy water or alcohol.

Now about the methods of dyeing eggs. How to paint eggs with natural dyes? Onion peel – the most famous and accessible to all way. Eggs can be colored in colors ranging from yellow to red-brown. Color depends on the concentration of broth.

You can use other natural dyes for eggs. Put the eggs in the pot, cover them with water. Add a teaspoon of vinegar. Boil eggs for 15 minutes with natural coloring additives. For light red color – beets or blueberries. For yellow – turmeric, walnut shells. Green – leaves of spinach, nettle. Blue – red cabbage leaves. Beige or brown – coffee.

I’ll show you how to make an Easter Bunny with sweets inside, how to make a paper Easter Bunny, how to make candles in the shape of eggs, how to cut eggs beautifully, how to cook an egg in a microwave, and many other tricks that will be useful to you on Easter.


0:55 DIY Easter Bunny
3:33 Easter decorations of napkins
8:29 How to hard boil eggs in the microwave
11:43 How to reuse egg carton
14:24 Eggs in bacon wraps recipe
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