Creative Easter Egg Coloring Tips! 25 Ways to Dye Easter Eggs!

Do you prefer dyeing your own Easter Eggs to store bought? We’ve got you covered! Discover dozens of techniques on how to dye your eggs and arrange them on the breakfast table! From items like highlighters, bubble wrap, newspapers, crayons, glitter or wax to more natural strategies like food coloring, leaves and veggies – pretty much anything can be used to decorate your eggs! Stay tuned!

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00:04 Dyeing Eggs with Leaves
00:30 Eggs From Space
01:10 Food Coloring Foam Eggs
01:51 Brush Sprayed Eggs
02:06 Glowing Highlighter Egg
02:27 Bubble Wrap Painted Eggs
02:43 Color Your Egg with Foil
03:01 Egg within Egg Shell
03:22 Eggs with Pencil Dots
03:36 Mister Smiley Eggs
04:03 Newspaper Eggs
04:28 Cactus Egg
04:58 Eggplant – Literally
05:23 Striped Eggs
05:48 Emoji Eggs
06:14 Hot Glue Egg
06:37 Broken Food Coloring
07:04 Color Leak Egg
07:27 Nail Polished Eggs
07:44 Blue Cabbage Painted Egg
08:05 Veggie Friendly Eggs
08:44 Golden Egg Table Decoration
09:05 Feather Egg
09:17 Crayon Egg
09:37 Candle Egg
10:12 Glitter Eggs
10:28 Dyed Egg using Rubber Bands

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