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Top 10 DIY Disney Craft Ideas!


I know that many of you are super crafty. It always amazes me how talented people are and it lead me to search out Disney crafts that might interest people. I love to be crafty and it is a great way to spend your spare time. With Spring break coming up for many, I thought this might be a fun way to spend time with the family. Not all of these ideas are suitable for children but there are a few listed. These are the top 10 DIY Disney craft ideas!

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1. Mickey Ears– We have written about making your own Mickey ears before and I still believe it is one of the most rewarding DIY crafts ever. The design possibilities are endless!


2. Mickey Light Post– I am not even going to try and tell you I know how to do this. I will tell you that I pinned the way to do it on the Disney Fashionista pinterest board. There are actually a few different sites that will teach you how to do it! You can get there through HERE.

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3. Disney Baskets– I think this one is actually just in time for Easter! I found a site that teaches you how to make a bunch of different designs!!! I pinned them for you!


4. Disney Wreath– I have not tried to make this idea yet but I am dying to try. I see these wreaths online all the time and they are so expensive to buy. I am thinking that I could totally make these on my own! I know you can, too!


5. Mickey and Minnie Hair Bows– I know that buying hair bows and clips, like this,

can be pricey. My youngest future step daughter loves them and they are really handy to bring with us wherever we go.l If we made them, they would be exactly the ones we want! It’s time to try!


6. Mickey and Minnie Planters– These planters (and the birdhouse for that matter) are great ideas for spring. We are just starting to think about what we want to plant and the kids are really into it. Why not make Disney planters to make it even more exciting. Everything is better if it’s got a little Disney!


7. Disney Tote bags– How cool is this one!! If you have a stencil to cut out Mickey shaped heads in fabric, you can easily make your own tote bag!! The bags can be bought at any craft store!


8. Disney Shoes– We have written about how to make your own custom Disney shoes and I think it is worth repeating here. This is another one of those craft ideas that can be done in a million different patterns. This is one of those crafts that take time, FYI.


9. Park Map Coasters– I have been blessed enough to receive a set of these coasters from a good friend. She made them for me for my birthday a year or so ago and I proudly have them in my living room  now. I promise you that if you make these, you will not be disappointed, nor will whoever you give them to.


10. Park Map Pouch– This is another one of those crafts we have written about before but it’s been a popular one, so we will list it again. We found it on Pumpkin Patterns and pinned it. Disney pouches are popular items so making your own seems like a good use of time!

We have pinned all of these ideas on the Disney Fashionista Pinterest page. There are a lot of other ideas pinned as well. Mugs, jewelry, ornaments, frames and more are all listed!