DIY Easter Crafts ✨🐰”Easter Funny Sticks”

📌What we doing today,
I show you how to make these nice and cheerful sticks that you can decorate your flower Pots in your terrace, garden o windows , remember Easter Season is love and share x

Wooden sticks (for ice cream)
White cardboard
Hot silicone
PVA Glue
Black marker
Acrylic colours
Ornaments (sequins, bows, etc)
Nail varnish
*Free Pattern©amadriadi 👉

If you don’t like to paint with acrylic colours, you can use Colours or Crayons!
If you use Acrylic colours please let it dry well between each colour, if you want then decorate them!
Preferable if you use the hot Silicone to stick the stick!
I use the nail varnish because make a 3D effect!



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