Easter Egg Tutorial | Easter DIY Project

The Easter is comming. We shall to prepare this Day. This DIY Tutorial is about how to decorate the egg. And we are going to make the egg as Minion. I know that children like the disney eggs and hope this craft would be interesting too.

✔The materials you need:
• boiled eggs
• egg coloring (yellow and blue)
• 2 small cups
• tablete bubbles (2 pcs)
• black thread
• white paper (2×4 cm)
• black marker
✔Recipe of the flour paste:
Mix 1-2 tsp. of the flour with 1/2 cup of a cold water very well. Than boil the water (about 1L) and pour the flour paste to the boiling water. Mix it about 2-3 min. Than off the fire and let the paste cold.
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