Easy DIY Recipes, Dessert Ideas And Cooking Tricks

Do you like chocolate? I surely do! In this video you will find wonderful and pretty simple chocolate life hacks to decorate you desserts. You can make a chocolate feather: just pour some melted chocolate on a parchment paper, take a hair coms and draw lines creating a leaf pattern. Freeze the drawing and enjoy a nice little chocolate feather – 12:53.

It Is even easier to create a chocolate bowl. First, take any bowl of the size you want, please it upside down on a cutting board and pour melted chocolate over it (13:26). Take your time not to create a mess. You can use the chocolate bowl for serving desserts like ice cream or lava cake.

Zebra cake

This can be the easiest cake recipe ever. In two plastic bottles mix sugar, baking powder, oil and an egg. Close the bottle and shake well to mix all the ingredients and create a smooth mixture. In one of the bottles add some cocoa. Now take a baking tray and pour the mixture from the bottles one by one to create a black-and-white zebra pattern. Bake for 30 minutes at 180°C. Well done! Now you can enjoy you delicious zebra cake.

Need more ideas? You’ll find them out in our video!


00:23 Cute piping techniques
01:27 Amazing cupcake decor ideas
03:27 How to decorate cookies
12:55 Chocolate decor ideas
17:35 How to plate desserts like a chef 🙂

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