Storing all those numerous things that we have around and keeping them in order is always a big problem especially when it’s not enough space in your room. However, today we prepared for you a whole collection of amazing and very elegant ideas on storing different objects with comfort (and without buying any extra expenses).

You can make a lot of things using cardboard boxes. Check out how to make a cute and very comfy table for your laptop. You will also learn how to make a stylish makeup products organizer out of a shoebox.

Cardboard boxes are very useful. You can make toys and actually furniture using them. Learn how to make a toy kitchen and a real foldable bed using cardboard.

If you like cooking, you should know how messy kitchen drawers can be. We prepared a few awesome ideas for you. You can make a cool storage vase for knives. Use beans to fill glass vases and store your knives in them. It’s very comfortable, and also looks very stylish.

Watch this video up to the end and learn how to make awesome cardboard storage boxes. That socks organizer is literally priceless! Don’t forget to tell us in the comments, which idea is the most useful up to you.


00:37 – Laptop table
02:25 – DIY toy kitchen
07:20 – Shoebox organizer
13:52 – Storing knives

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