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30+ Creative and Cute DIY Back to School Ideas

Nicole and Bianca CuteDIYprojects Blogger The start of fall invariably brings a wave of excitement to the air. The sound of school buses, the morning rush to get lunches packed and the overall hustle and bustle of a new school year is definitely refreshing and invigorating. However, this excitement also has a flipside that will leave you exhausted and strung out. Since the list of things to do for your kid seems impossible to conquer sometimes, we have put together some practical, but fun ‘back to school’ ideas that can make this school year easier and more exciting for all.  

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1. Innovative Pencil Holder

Innovative Pencil Holder

Craft is one of the most important aspects of executing back to school ideas. While we don’t always have the time to make a lot of DIY items, there are some that take no time at all and are very useful. One such item is the DIY pencil holder. The basic tenet of DIY projects is that you need to refashion and reuse. When it comes to storing pencils and pens, a good item to use is an old cheese grater. Simply turn it around and fix it onto the wall of your study to make an innovative but very effective pencil holder.

Project Source – etsy

2. DIY Lunchbox from a Milk Jug

DIY Lunchbox from a Milk Jug

Most kids in school these days are seen to carry the same old brown paper lunch bag. In order to make the school year a lot more fun for your little one, one of the things that you could do is create a lunch box from a milk jug. The process is as simple as cutting the milk jug in shape and fixing the lid with a button. Not only will the box be ready in no time but it is will also keep the food safe and ensure that the sandwiches don’t get squishy and soggy.

Project Source and Tutorial- seekatesew

3. Kate’s Notebook Lunchbag

Kate’s Notebook Lunchbag

Lunchtime is always the fun! When it comes to packing your kid’s lunch, one thing that you must keep in mind is that presentation is all important. Offer kids broccoli in an innovative fashion and most of the time, they eat it up with no fuss. Naturally, the same rule applies for lunch boxes. One of the ways in which you can enhance your kid’s lunchtime experience is by taking the trouble to make this notebook lunchbag. All you will need is some striped canvas fabric, colors and stationary. The idea is to cut and fold the striped fabric in such a way that it makes carrying lunch easy and also allows you to write some fun notes on the stripes of the bag. Be innovative with the messages that you write and watch as your kids have a fun-filled lunching experience.

Project Source and Tutorial – designsponge

4. Making a handmade pencil box

Making a handmade pencil box

One of the most crucial components of any kid’s school bag is the pencil box. Instead of buying a pencil box from the store what you can do is make one from scratch at home. The best part about this box is that it is both fun to create and easy to use. Some careful work with a paper cutter and thin foam sheet is all that it takes to make this project a raving success. You can also add some ribbons and fun decorative pieces to make sure that it is a hit with the kids.

Project Source and Tutorial- cremedelacraft

5. Gingham Style Pencil Pouch

Gingham Style Pencil Pouch

The wonderful part about these back to school ideas is that some of them are also as applicable to you as they are to the kids. One such idea is the DIY pencil pouch. If you are a working mother with a toddler at home, chances are that your stationary is under some constant threat. In order to make sure that both your stationary and your kid stay safe, it is a good idea to invest some time in making this easy pencil pouch. All you need is some fabric, scissors and sewing equipment. Pin, cut and stitch in a neat fashion and you will have a useful little pencil pouch for your work stuff in no time at all.

Project Source and Tutorial – mamafromgreece

6. DIY Travel Art Roll

DIY Travel Art Roll

If your kid is into art and prefers going off to family vacations with his art work, this travel art roll is a must-try. The idea is to create a small travel case that can hold art pencils, colors and a sketchbook while also being safe and easy to carry. Take some patterned cloth and some elastic bands to secure the different elements and cut them in proportion. After this use sewing supplies to stitch the ends and corners of the travel bag. Make sure that the elastic bands are well fastened to prevent any art material from slipping out. Add some ribbon to keep the case together and there you have it- an easy to make DIY travel art case.

Project Source and Tutorial – rajovilla

7. DIY Words to Write By

DIY Words to Write By

If your kid is new to school, one of the toughest adjustments that he or she will have to make is to get used to staying away from home. In cases like this, it is always a good idea to send a little something with your child that will encourage and support him. One such thing is the personalised pencil. Invest in some metal stamps and gold inkpad and get cracking on stamping out little messages of encouragement on your kid’s pencils that is sure to make their day.

Project Source and Tutorial – camillestyles

8. Heart Shaped Paperclips

Heart Shaped Paperclips

A perfect back to school idea is a revamped paperclip. A much needed stationary item, paperclips are important not only for kids at school but also for everyone at home. One of the ways in which you can refashion a run-of-the-mill paperclip is by bending it to take the shape of a heart. Attach it papers and there you have it- a cute paperclip idea that is both fun to use and practical.

Project Source – noveltyandchevron

9. Back to School Lacing Bookmark Craft

Back to School Lacing Bookmark Craft

School is synonymous with reading. If your kid is in the junior section, you can be sure that he or she will be pushed to read every night. One of the things that you could do to make this reading experience more fun and interesting is to make a lacing bookmark. Use a scissor to cut some paper in size and create patterns by lacing a sewing thread through the paper. If your kid is slightly older, you can also make these bookmarks together. Not only are they fun but also easy and safe to make and are sure to get your child a little bit more excited about reading.

Project Source and Tutorial- handmadecharlotte

10. Decorating Pencils with Washi Tape

Decorating Pencils with Washi Tape

One of the easiest tricks to make your kids enjoy school work is to redecorate their stationary. Since pencils are used in almost every situation- be it for a class project or an exam- why not redecorate them in a fun way? All you will need is some washi tape. Wind it around the pencils and sharpen the nib normally. There you have it! a brand new pencil for the kids to enjoy working with.

Project Source – thepinkdoormat

11. Magnetic Words in a Jar

Magnetic Words in a Jar

For all of you whose kids are just starting to string sentences together, this DIY ‘Magnetic words in a Jar’ craft process is sure to be beneficial. The idea is to attach some magnetic tape to craft sticks and paint some words on them with chalkboard paint. Pile the worded sticks in a jar and watch as your kid learns new words and sentence making in a fun and easy manner. The best part about this craft is that the chalkboard paint can be washed off easily so that you can include more words every day.

Project Source and Tutorial- fourmarrsonevenus

12. DIY Lunch Box with Chalkboard

DIY Lunch Box with Chalkboard

A sweet way to ensure that your kid has a happy time at school is by including a little message of support among his school things. One of the ways you can make this happen is by using chalkboard paint to paint the insides of her lunch bag. What this will do is that it will allow you to leave small notes that can brighten up your kid’s day and make their lunchtime a fun experience.

Project Source and Tutorial – crazylittleprojects

13. DIY Chalkboard Placemats

DIY Chalkboard Placemats

For kids, learning should ideally be a fun experience. One way in which you can achieve this is by using the ‘back to school’ chalkboard placemats idea. The process is fairly simple and involves a basic painting of placemats with chalkboard paint. Once that is done, you can now play puzzles, learn new words and practice maths while waiting for dinner to be served. It is also a good way to involve the family in the learning process and that is sure to keep your kid’s spirits up.

Project Source and Tutorial – gigglesgalore

14. A better Laptop Stand for the Bed

A better Laptop Stand for the Bed

One of the few things that older kids need is to spend some study time on their laptops. Since much of the material is available online, it is a good idea to invest some time in making this laptop stand for the bed to ensure that the kids have a comfortable time studying. All one needs is a hardboard, some equipment for home based woodworking and tape. Saw a sizeable section of the wood off according to the required shape and drill some holes in order to add the stand properly. After the process is complete, make sure to file the area around the laptop stand in order to prevent any splinters from injuring your kids. All in all, it is a perfect weekend project that is sure to be useful to all.

Project Source and Tutorial – instructables

15. ‘Back to School’ Invitation

'Back to School’ Invitation

In the midst of the rush of schoolwork and after school activities, one might easily forget that kids are always on the lookout for breaks and fun. In order to make the school year more exciting for your little ones, what you could do is plan a party for both the children and their moms. Enhance the party experience by issuing these ‘back to school’ invitations that the kiddos are sure to enjoy. Use some vellum to paste the invitation onto little chalkboards and add a small piece of chalk to the entire ensemble to ensure that the kids have a new toy to play with. Overall, this is a fun way to make sure that everyone gets a much deserved break and participates in some pure, unadulterated fun.

Project Source – thepartiologist

16. Apple Pencil Holder

Apple Pencil Holder

When it comes to making holders for your kids it is important to understand that the object needs to combine fun and functionality. It is for this reason that these apple holders are perfect. Simply paint a glass apple juice bottle with red acrylic paint and lo and behold! You will have created a fun and exciting pencil holder that your kid is sure to love.

Project Source and Tutorial- smartschoolhouse

17. Back to School Printables

Back to School Printables

The one thing that kids seem to enjoy more than anything is when they receive small messages of encouragement from their parents or teachers. Catering to this wish of theirs is important if you are a mother because it will make your child that much more interested in school work. These printables are both adorable and encouraging and all one has to do is print them out and glue it on to a school bag with some bakers twine. This small gesture is sure to brighten up your kid’s mood and make his school day lively and exciting.

Project Source – iheartnaptime

18. 1st Day of School Chalkboard Photo Props

1st Day of School Chalkboard Photo Props

The 1st day of school is both nerve-wracking and exciting. A tradition that most families follow before sending their children off to school is to take some fun backyard photographs. In order to ramp up the photo shoot and take it to the next level, what you can do is invest in some wooden speech bubbles that are available at the market. Paint them with chalkboard paint and decorate the boards with some Washi tape. Use these boards as photo props and watch as your kids have an exciting and fun time clicking ‘1st day of school’ photos.

Project Source – shakentogetherlife

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