🦄DIY: Unicorn School Supplies || Infinite Pen and Pencil Holder || Unicorn Crafts Book 🦄

Slime Sam has conducted a very serious analysis of the channel and established that they need to make more unicorn crafts. It’s a good thing that Sue has a Unicorn Crafts Book at hand, so she can get right to work!

The first thing Sam and Sue make is a stationary holder shaped like an adorable unicorn cloud 1:53 To make this cloud, you will need some thick cardboard, hot glue, some paint, colorful craft foam and markers. To add that magical touch, Sue glues on a golden cord as well. This magical stationary piece will definitely brighten any room and desk and it will make you smile every time you reach out for a pencil or a pen.

Speaking about pens, the other craft Sam and Sue make is an infinite unicorn ice-cream pen 5:58 That’s quite the combination, right? This pen is made of air-drying polymer clay. You will need white, beige and pink clay to make this craft, as well as a bit of craft foam, glitter nail polish and markers. An ordinary pen goes inside a cone-shaped piece of polymer clay to form the base, then other elements are built upon it. This unicorn ice-cream has the traditional cute look and it’ll last you many months or even years. This pen comes with a cap to prevent the ink from drying out, but once you’re out of it, simply replace the rod!

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