100+ Whimsical Altered Bottles Ideas – Crafts to Make and Sell

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Here is a collection of 100+ whimsical altered bottles Ideas and mixed media altered bottle crafts to make and sell. To alter a bottle you can use recycled wine bottles, antique glass bottles, whimsical shaped liqueur bottles and vintage perfume bottles. You have to be an experienced crafter to make altered bottles using such mixed materials and techniques as papier-mache, decoupage, fabric, leather, colored chalk paint, crackle paint, clay sculpture elements, crystal door handle in the top of the bottle, vintage lace, scrapbook supplies and more.
There are altered bottles ideas:
– Vintage altered bottle and mixed media bottle decorating ideas.
– Vintage French themed altered bottles decorating ideas.
– Beautiful Paris inspired shabby chic altered bottles with vintage lace and antique beads.
– Vintage Victorian style lace cameo decorated bottle ideas.
– Steampunk altered bottle ideas with a clock face and clock gears, and compass needle.
– Nautical altered bottles with shells.
– And more DIY glass bottles decor ideas.

Altered bottles are great things to make and sell and gorgeous handmade gift ideas.

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