From paper you can make a stand for your phone, decorations for a party, an organizer for various trifles, a pencil case, and gift wrapping. See how to make a chamomile out of paper, how to make a rose out of a napkin, how to make a paper dandelion, how to make paper calla lily.

I will show you some paper games that will help you to have fun when there is nothing to do. Rectangles. You need a sheet of paper, two pens and dices. Points and boxes. You need a paper sheet and two pens of different colors. The Hangman. Another game with a piece of paper and pens. Rules of the game. One of the players makes a word and marks the space for letters. He also draws a gallows with a noose. The second player suggests a letter that may be in this word. If such a letter is in a word, then the first player writes it above the features corresponding to that letter – as many times as it occurs in the word. If there is no such letter, then he adds a circle in the loop – the head of the hanged man. For each wrong answer, the first player adds one part of the body to the gallows.


2:03 Paper phone stand DIY
4:40 Pencil case DIY
5:25 Toilet paper rose
7:40 Rectangles paper game
8:51 Hangman paper game
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