You can have a lot of fun with balloons. Normally, we use them at parties. However, few people know that balloons can be used alternatively. There are so many cool ways to use balloons and make your life way easier.

Balloons are perfect for crafting and decorating purposes. You can even use them in your kitchen (and we’ll show you how). Balloons are cheap, bright, and available in practically any shop in huge batches. Let’s learn some amazing crafts and useful DIYs with balloons!

You can make a lot of cool greeting cards using balloons. For example, check out our adorable elephant idea! Another cool craft that will come in handy at any party is a balloon blower!

Who likes confetti? Our cool balloon DIY idea is a confetti popper – check out this lovely craft made with a plain toilet paper roll and a colorful balloon and try to repeat it at home. Don’t forget to clean up after you test the new device! If you fill a balloon with confetti and place your gift inside, then put the ballon into a gift box. It’s the coolest way of giving presents!

The following party idea is very easy and borderline genius. If you want to keep your party drinks cold throughout all evening but you think that ice is too messy, then we have a cool idea for you – using small frozen balloons filled with water. This elegant solution will not only keep your drinks cold but also create a very special party atmosphere!


00:34 – Bubblegum card
06:01 – Balloon blower
07:05 – Cooling drinks using balloons
10:54 – Balloon science tricks

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