Happy Easter, everyone! Today, we prepared for you a lot of amazing Easter crafts for the best party ever! Watching this video, you’ll learn how to dye eggs,

Eggs are very important for a happy Easter. There are crazy egg ideas! You can color eggs with nail polish, however, the technique is tricky. Take a bowl of water and add nail polish drops of two contrasting colors one after another. Draw swirls and patterns with a toothpick and drop a boiled egg into the bowl. the coolest thing is that you’ll never get two identical eggs, the pattern will be always different.

Another awesome idea is using sticky tape for coloring eggs. It won’t let the coloring get into the egg’s shell so that you can have a nice striped pattern on your egg. Another crazy cool idea is covering eggs with crayon patters. In order to do that, take a hot egg and crayons and set your imagination free.

By the way, you can make colorful boiled eggs using natural coloring agents – use turmeric, purple cabbage, onion skins, and beetroot as natural colors and have as much fun as you want.

Table decor is also important! Watching this Easter tutorial video, you will learn how to fold napkins so that they look like bunnies. You can make lovely toy bunnies of yarn.

Watch this video up to the end and see a lot of yummy desserts that we’ve prepared for you there.


00:47 – Coloring eggs
04:05 – Yarn bunnies
08:30 – DIY crayons
09:36 – Awesome desserts

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