Parties are always nice, and there are actually a lot of them – starting from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, and finshing with birthdays and baby showers. A nice card is always fine to give to someone. It’s so cool to get a card made by someone’s hands. It means that this person really thinks about you and shows his or her attention even in the tiniest details. In this video, there are numerous ways of making DIY greeting cards. Enjoy!

Sometimes, the most unexpected solutions work perfectly! You can use cardboard and different bright labels to make a stylish postcard. You can cut out a Christmas tree, or a heart, or any other shape you like from it. Color charts from a paint shop are also a source of greeting card creativity – you can cut anything you like out of them and stick to a plain card.

Cutting and folding paper works perfectly for cards. It immediately adds volume to the whole composition and looks very nice. Try to repeat after us and create 3D greeting cards yourself.

Glue and glitter work together perfectly. Try to draw anything you like with glue on a card, and then sprinkle it with glitter and see what happens!

Check out our sweet tutorials on making a 3D card with a lot of cute flowers – such a card can surprise any girl. Another nice idea is a card with 4 hearts that folds up into a little square – looks like a nice surprise. There’s also a rainbow card – a rainbow with greetings that comes out of a little cloudy envelope – what can be sweeter?

Another incredible postcard variant – is a magic surprise card made with a piece of transparent plastic. Add even more creativity to a simple greeting card and make it a scratch card – a cool way to add more intrigue to your present.

Tell me in the comments, which postcard did you like most?


1:17 – Easy holiday cards without going broke
4:49 – Valentine’s Day cards
7:12 – How to make an origami card with a heart
14:09 – DIY scratch cards


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