You don’t need to stick to a boring single-color manicure, we share gorgeous designs that you totally should try this summer.
Check out best summer nail art ideas we have found on Instagram:
-If you don’t like colorful manicure and prefer chic and polished look nothing better than French manicure. Choose a pale pink nail polish color, clear nail polish and white nail polish. Watch this video and find easy tips on how to use ordinary items like rubber bands to create a perfect French manicure
-If you don’t have any color nail polish at home, you can replace it with lipstick. Yes, it sounds weird but this lifehack really works. Using a cosmetic brush cover nails with lipstick and after that with clear nail polish. Ready!
-Matte nail polish could be pricey and we know how to save your budget. Apply a layer of your favorite nail posh and keep your fingers over the pot of boil water
-You can easily fix a broken nail with a tea bag. Cut a tea bag into small squares. Cover the nail with clear nail polish and place a piece of this bag over the wet nail polish. Apply another coat of clear nail polish. Allow to dry and correct the form. Cover with any nail polish you like
-Nail polish remover marker is a must-have tool when you make a manicure at home. To make this pencil you will need an old highlighter and nail polish remover
-Try the best nail art for this summer. Floral manicure looks so cute! Follow these steps: cover your nails with white nail polish and using a simple marker, draw flowers. Using a small nail brush add a few drops of alcohol. Use the same nail art brush apply more marker on the top of your nail and enjoy the result

00:09 Colorful french manicure
00:33 Matte manicure
03:02 Nail polish remover marker
03:38 Flower power
04:42 Striped manicure
08:20 Fluffy nails

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