Barbie is the best doll ever and we prepared a new summer collection of lifehacks! You will learn how to change the doll’s haircuts and hairstyles, how to create miniature accessories for doll’s house. We know the best way to give your old doll a new look – to cut the doll’s hair. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a new hairstyle or remove damaged hair. It summer already and your doll also should change a haircut to look stunning. Brush properly doll’s hair using a comb. Determine the length you want, take a small rubber band and place it at the cut point. Cut hair above the hair tie. Now your doll has a perfect bob. Check out an easy tutorial on how to make bangs in one minute. If you want to curl doll’s hair you can use aluminum foil. You will learn how to color the doll’s hair.
We know how to make inexpensive accessories for a Barbie. Let’s make a collection of beauty products. You will learn how to make cute bottles for shampoo and conditioner. Like every girl, Barbie should have a makeup collection. Check out our step by step tutorial on how to make cool pink lipstick, nail polish, and mascara for your Queen. Check out how to make a glamorous backpack for your Barbie. You can easily make cups out of drinking straws. Now your girl can drink tea with her friends! If you want to make a doll’s house even cozier, decorate her room with miniature succulents made from felt and thimble.

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00:09 Bob haircut for your Barbie
01:35 How to make bangs
02:41 How to color Barbie’s hair
05:21 Miniature skates
06:55 DIY Backpack
08:07 Makeup collection

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