3 DIY Dollar Tree St Patrick’s Day

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~DIY Dollar Tree St. Patrick’s Day Banner ~
I saw a banner similar to this DIY at a business, I loved it and wanted to recreate it! I wanted to make it with some items I have had on hand but, found the rest of the items at my Local Dollar Tree.

You will need scissors, a writing utensil, ruler, Dollar Tree Twine, glue gun, Dollar Tree Shamrock, Dollar Tree paint in green or whatever you can find, Dollar Tree Burlap (I did find in varies Sizes, I am using burlap I had lying around the house).

First, take your writing utensil and ruler and draw triangles on your burlap.

Now, cut your triangles out.
Next, take the Dollar Tree Shamrock and trace around it onto the burlap.

Take ruler and draw stripes onto burlap.
Take Dollar Tree paint and fill stripes in, I did every other one.
Paint Shamrocks

Now you are going to take your Dollar Tree Twine and cut desire length. Take Hot Glue gun and glue twine to burlap triangle.

Fold burlap over Twine.

~DIY Dollar Tree . Patrick’s Day Framed Art~

This DIY is super easy and affordable, I found a few things at the Dollar Tree and made an Adorable St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Framed Art
You will need Dollar Tree Shamrocks, a pen, scissors, glue, Dollar Tree Picture Frame and Gold Card Stock (I had a piece lying around the house).
First, Remove the insert inside the frame and discard.
Now with a pen take card insert and trace around it onto the card stock.
Cut out the card stock. Next, take shamrock and glue the shamrock onto the card stock.
Take Shamrock Card stock and place back into the frame.

~DIY Gold Mason Jar Floral Arrangement from the Dollar Tree~

This DIY is very easy and very affordable. I found most of the materials at the Dollar Tree and made a classic St. Patrick’s Day Floral Arrangement.

You will Need:
~mason jar from the Dollar Tree
~green or white flowers from the Dollar Tree
~Gold Spray Paint ( I use old spray paint)
~ newspapers

First, In a ventilated area spread out newspaper on the surface you will be working on.

Take your spray paint and spray inside your mason jar, I had to do 3 coats please allow 30 minutes in between to dry! After you have your desire coats allow to dry for 24 hours.

Take flowers and arrange, Presto a Super Duper cute St. Patrick’s Day Floral Arrangement.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!