31 DIY Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween is coming up next month in October and kids are already excited about the thought of Halloween and the costumes that they get to wear for their “Trick or Treat”. Also, perhaps it is the right time to start with the Halloween crafts to decorate your homes.
Witch’s hat: A witch’s hat is perhaps one craft that most Halloweeners like to make. This craft can be made simply with thin cardboard sheets. First cut a circle from the sheet and then cut half of the circle. With one semi-circle, you can make one cone. Make this cone and glue it. Now, cut out another big circle and stick the cone to this circle and your witch hat is ready.

Bat-shaped Wall Hangings: Bat-shaped wall hangings is another easy to make Halloween craft. All you need to do is to get a thin cardboard sheet and cut out bat wings out of it.

Hand-printing bat craft: Hand-painting bat craft is a good way to introduce your toddler to Halloween. Encourage them to print their palm on a thick sheet of paper and cut it out carefully.

Tissue Roll Bat Craft: Tissue roll bat craft is another Halloween bat craft idea which is easy to make. All you need is a tissue roll, few papers and colors. For this craft, first you need to make the wings. For this use the paper to cut out the wings and glue them to the roll. Then, for the head and ears of the bat you can think of some comfortable and easy designs. You could stick some wobbly eyes to the bat.

Paper Roll JackO’ Lantern: If you have spare paper rolls, then this craft can be easily made. All you need to do is to color the paper roll in orange color and stick some green piece of paper on one end. Now, draw Jack’o lantern’s face on to the paper roll and your craft is ready. Toddlers and small kids can do this craft successfully.

Paper Roll Mummy Craft: If you’ve watched the Mummy movie series, then you’d love make this craft or encourage your kids to do this craft. This craft is lot more simpler than other crafts. All you need is a paper roll with few tissues to roll onto it. After rolling the paper towels, you could make the mummy, a little scary just to maintain the Halloween theme. You could add in features like growling face and large teeth to make it look very scary.

Witch’s Flying Broomstick: Witch’s flying broomstick is yet another most liked Halloween craft. And thanks to Harry Potter novels, the broomstick became much more popular. We’ll be making a tiny broomstick. For this you’ll need a twig, handful of dried grass and some thread. Take the twig and on one end, put the grass and tie it with the thread. Your very own witch’s broomstick is ready.

Pet Bottle Broomstick: Here’s another broomstick craft idea for Halloween. For this craft, you’ll need a large pet bottle, preferably green and stick that can fit into the mouth of the bottle. Take the bottle and cut the bottom portion. Now, cut the bottle vertically up until 1-2 inches from the neck. This is resemble a broom. Now, fit the stick into the mouth of the bottle and nail it securely. Now, you have a fancy pet bottle broomstick craft for this Halloween.

Cardboard strips Jack’o Lantern: How can we miss the mascot of Halloween, Jack’o Lantern? Here’s one creative way to make Jack’O Lantern, if you really cant find a pumpkin. All you need to do is to find a cardboard sheet and cut 8 long strips out of it. Now first, arrange all the strips as though they form spokes of a bicycle. Staple them on one end and bend each of the strip slightly so that it forms a semi-circle shape. Now staple the other end as well and you can see a pumpkin shape forming. Add detailing such as the signature eyes and mouth to Jack’o.

Paper Bag Bat: If you have useless or old paper bags lying around in your home, perhaps now is the best time to use them. For this craft you’ll need few paper bags, some more paper, black color and then wobbly eyes. Stick a pair of wobbly eyes onto the paper bag’s opening and also glue some white paper teeth. Now, cut out some bat wings from the paper and glue to either side of the bag and your paper bag bat is ready. Make sure that you paint the bag and the wings, except for the teeth in black color and let it dry for at least 12 hours.

Spider Web: Spider is another Halloween creature which is very famous. This craft is for toddlers and kids. For this craft, take paper plates, color them in various colors. With adult help, make holes at various places on the plate. Now, make a hand print that looks like a spider and run a thread through those holes and the spider craft is ready.

source: https://bit.ly/2Na4jtq