​How to decorate your house on a budget

Our home is a portrayal of our personality and we really are as a person. Not only does it show how we feel, but what kind of style we have in general and what we represent. Some people, can’t really afford to buy expensive home decoration that will make their house feel homier. So, in this video, we found some brilliant DIY crafts that you can create in your own home in order to decorate it. We show you cool ways to repurpose old stuff without spending a penny. This way, you’ll be able to feel that your house is now your home just by following our step-by-step tutorials.

Diamond shaped decorations and furniture, in general, came into the home fashion world only a year ago and they are making a huge breakthrough in all the homeware stores. But because of this trend, they tend to be quite expensive. So, in this video, we show you how to create your own diamond-shaped stand for your houseplants and books just by using a few chopsticks, some cardboard boxes, and some black paint. Watch our video to see the full step-by-step demonstration.

Saving some money can be a real struggle these days, not necessarily because we struggle but because there are too many destructions for us in order to keep focused and save some money in case of an emergency. So, we found the most amazing hack for you on how to make your own piggy bank out of a plastic bottle. We show you how to cut the bottle and also spray paint it as well as add some accessories in order to make it look like a real pig. If you keep this right at the side of your entrance door, it will give you some inspiration, every time you go home to empty your pockets and add your change in the piggy bank. This way you’ll be able to save some money faster.

If you do not have any kitchen table runners, don’t rush to buy any because we show you a cool way to create your own. You’ll only need a long ice-cube tray, some straws, cement and a piece of jewelry thread. You’ll simply need to add the cut-up straws horizontally in the long tray – one on top and one at the bottom. Then, you feel the tray with cement and let it dry. Make you sure you clean the edges to get an even mold. Finally, you remove the cement from the tray and place a jewelry wire through the straw holes. Finally, secure the edges in a knot and voila.

Another brilliant cement decoration has to do with a lace table cloth. All of us girls love lace, and we found the best way for you to make your very own lace bowl for your keys or turn it into a candle holder. You simply need to take a small round coffee table cloth and dip it in some cement just as we do in the video. Then, you place it on top of a regular bowl just to help it take a similar shape while it drying and let it sit for a few hours. Finally, remove and voila. You can even go the extra mile and spray paint it rose gold, silver or gold in order to match your overall apartment decor.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our amazing household hacks. We show you how to make your own paper towel holder and how to make your own plant pot using cement.

0:12 – DIY diamond shaped stand
1:17 – Ancient Greek column decorations
2:37 – DIY towel rag/organizer
3:42 – How to make your own apron
4:09 – DIY candle case
5:21 – Brilliant Ipad holder
6:28 – Hanging diamond stars decoration
6:50 – DIY beautiful vase
8:14 – DIY kitchen table runners
8:50 – Beautiful lace bowl
9:47 – Cute garden decorations
11:25 – How to re-use pringles containers
12:02 – Amazing door stopper
12:28 – How to transfer an image on to a mug
13:56 – How to decorate a mug using nail polish
15:06 – Beautiful braided blanket
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