Did you know that you can make a lot of crafts from yarn? Bracelets, hanging pots, necklaces – all these crafts you can easily make after watching this video. All you need is to choose colors and patterns! Moreover, you can use yarn to fix the headphones cord or make them colorful. Start with choosing the color you like!
Giant knitting blankets look so cool! It’s one of the most popular décor trends now. This blanket is so easy to make. We share an easy and quick technique to create it. These oversized blankets will be a lovely addition to your interior design. Moreover, you can make an adorable and useful gift for your friend. Next item is knot pillow that usually cost a lot in stores but there is no need to spend money on it. Let’s make the one together. Take clean tights and fill them with rubber foam or cotton wool, tie this all in a beautiful knot according to our tutorial. Ready!
You can make a beautiful wreath out of white pine cones. Firstly, you need to find pine cones and bleach them. Put pine cones in a bucket with water and bleach and leave to soak for a day. After that, remove them and put on a towel to dry. Take 2 pull noodles and glue them together. Glue pine cones to the noodles. Ready!
We have a cool idea of how to reuse your old t-shirts. Cut your old t-shirt to make cute hanging planters.
Reusing plastic is a good habit to reduce waste. You will find how to make a bracelet from a plastic bottle, how to reuse drinking straws to make a cheap organizer for beauty tools, how to make cute buttons out of drinking straws.

00:09 Arm knitting
02:48 DIY key holder
13:01 Yarn bracelet
19:32 Bleach pine cones
23:18 Cool paper crafts

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