400+ Bottle Decorating Ideas and Glass Bottle Crafts Ideas Compilation

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Here is glass bottle decor compilation of the best videos of Mary Tardito channel with more than 400 ideas of DIY bottle decor and glass bottle crafts. Hope you could find an inspiration to create your own recycled wine bottle decorations!

There are such decor and craft ideas using glass bottles:
1. Creative ideas how to decorate wine bottles: DIY bottle painting ideas, DIY glitter bottles decor ideas, faux stained glass wine bottle decorating ideas, yarn wrapped bottles decorating ideas and more beautiful bottle decorating ideas.

2. Creative uses for empty wine bottles such as DIY wine bottle light ideas.

3. Bright and colorful summer bottle decorating ideas | 9:00 or tap here → http://bit.ly/2y9hBhn

4. Fall bottle decorating ideas, Halloween bottle decor and Thanksgiving bottle decor | 11:09 or tap here → http://bit.ly/2kxbNcH

5. Christmas Bottle Decorating Ideas, winter bottle decor ideas, rustic Christmas bottle decorations, Christmas lights with recycled wine bottles and more Christmas bottles ideas | 15:15 or tap here → http://bit.ly/2yxE7Ss

6. Valentines bottle decorating ideas, Valentines glittered wine bottle and more beautiful romantic Valentine wine bottle decor ideas | 18:16 or tap here → http://bit.ly/2xqACNu

7. Whimsical altered bottles ideas and creative bottle art ideas | 20:04 or tap here → http://bit.ly/2hUZ9Dw

Recycled glass bottle decor art decorations are also cool crafts to make and sell.

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