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19 Awesome Birthday Party Craft Ideas that Will Make Your Day Special

19 Awesome Birthday Party Craft Ideas |

Homemade Candles

Caylin Harris

Candles add warmth, light, and coziness to every space. They make an excellent gift for almost anyone! When you make them yourself, not only can you customize the color, scent, and look, but the added gesture makes the gift twice as unique. Learn how to get started making homemade candles, and soon you’ll never purchase store-

Embroidered Leather Gift Card Holder

Embroider on Leather and Stitch a Card Case
Mollie Johanson

If you’re getting gift cards for friends and coworkers this year, make the gift feel more unique and personalized with this embroidered leather card case. This tutorial will teach you how to embroider on leather (it’s not as tricky as you’d think!) for a wallet-like feel to the case. It’s pretty, elegant, and much more meaningful than a paper envelope. 03 of 100

DIY iPad Holder

diy ipad holder for cooking
The Idea Room

You’d be hard-fought to find someone today who doesn’t use their phone or tablet to refer to recipes. The problem with that, is you often end up with a wet and sticky screen. This easy 3-material DIY helps prop your iPad up while you chop, simmer and stir, so you can cook without fear of ruining your tablet. Think what a great gift this will make!

DIY iPad Holder from

Bath Bombs

bath bomb
Lovely Indeed

Skip the expensive visit to a trendy soap store and learn to make your fizzy bath bombs at home. These soaps are quite popular, and they make an exciting yet simple gift. These would be especially great for Mother’s Day paired with a bottle of wine. 05 of 100

Placemat Clutch

diy placemat clutch
Lil Blue Boo

If you’re on the hunt for a DIY gift idea that’s truly unique for someone who loves a stylish accessory, we’ve got you covered. Grab a pretty placemat and work a little sewing magic to create this one-of-a-kind clutch that’ll have everyone exclaiming, “Where’d you get that?”

Placemat Clutch from Lil Blue Boo 06 of 100

Arm Knitted Cozy Chunky Blanket

arm knit blanket
Made Up Style

At this point, we’re sure you’ve seen those gorgeous chunky arm-knit blankets that have taken over our Instagrams and Pinterest Boards. Make someone in your life very, very happy by gifting them this blanket that you’ve DIY’ed.

Arm Knitted Cozy Chunky Blanket from Made Up Style 07 of 100

Hand-Embroidered Onesie

A hand-embroidered onesie
Mollie Johanson

Are you attending a baby shower soon? Whether you go with a gift from the registry or not, consider adding this very personal and adorable homemade gift. Adorn a plain onesie with the embroidery pattern of your choice and the momma-to-be will truly appreciate this standout piece among her newly acquired collection of store-bought baby clothes. 08 of 100

Embroidery Headphones

diy embroidered headphones
Agus Yornet

Headphones break all the time, and unless you dole out a big chunk of change for a quality pair, you have to constantly replace them. Keep the wires safe from everyday wear and tear (and make them look pretty!) with this neat embroidery DIY. Give a pair of these to someone you know who would appreciate these for their daily use. Bonus: the creator of this craft noted her wires no longer get tangled with the embroidery cover.

Embroidery Headphones from Agus Yornet 09 of 100

Clay Cactus Ring Holder

A cute handmade ring holder shaped like a cactus
Lovely Indeed

Finding a place to store your jewelry can be a nuisance. This cute cactus ring holder also doubles as decor. It’s a cool gift for that someone in your life who appreciates a fun surprise or something that’s out of the ordinary. 10 of 100

Gold Champagne Flutes

fun champagne flutes
Lovely Indeed

These champagne flutes are so simple and chic. A set of two makes a perfectly fine gift on its own, but add a bottle of bubbly, a set of coasters, and even some gourmet cheese because wine not? 11 of 100

String Art

String art home sweet home
Home Made Modern

The sweetest housewarming gift, this string art project is easy to do. The craft itself is versatile; feel free to use a different shape from the house; try a pumpkin for fall or an evergreen tree for Christmas. 12 of 100

Leather Handbound Book

diy leather bound journal
Melissa Esplin

Budding writers, doodling daydreamers, dedicated journalists, and serial note-takers are all ideal recipients of this special DIY. Bound a notebook in leather for a meaningful, yet startlingly simple gift.

Leather Handbound Book from Melissa Esplin 13 of 100

Embroidered Christmas Tree Card

Embroidered Christmas tree card
Mollie Johanson

For Christmas this year, send out these pretty embroidered cards. They are easy to stitch even for beginners. Make it a group activity and mail one to everyone on your list. 14 of 100

Anti-Frizz Hair Spray

diy antifrizz spray
The Merrythought

Every woman knows that humidity can be a hair-ruiner. Gift your girlfriend a bottle of this DIY lavender anti-frizz spray when she needs it most (hint: summer). A little humidity is okay (in fact, appreciated) for beachy waves, as long as you can control those waves before they go wild!

Anti-Frizz Hairspray from The Merrythought 15 of 100

Embroidery Ribbon Bouquet

Ribbon Embroidery Bouquet
Mollie Johanson

A traditional bouquet is a go-to gift, but imagine the look of delight on someone’s face when they receive this gorgeous embroidered bouquet. This embroidery project is extra special because it uses ribbon instead of a string. 16 of 100

Engraved Copper Mugs

diy engraved moscow mule cups
Brit + Co

Moscow Mule drinker or not, who wouldn’t love to add some copper mugs to their collection of housewares? This DIY tutorial shows you how to add subtle engravements to personalize these already super-cool mugs.

Engraved Copper Mugs from Brit + Co