Candy Spiders Halloween Crafts for Kids | Parents

Watch as Family Fun shows you this candy spider Halloween craft for kids! For this holiday craft, you’ll need a foam paintbrush, black acrylic paint, a styrofoam ball, color 12-gauge aluminum wire, wire cutters, a thick marker or spool, gumdrops, gummy life savers, a candy necklace, and ball head straight pins. Paint your styrofoam ball black and let it dry. Cut 8 pieces of wire about 6 to 10 inches long for the legs and round the upper portion of each around the spool. Put gumdrop feet on the bottom of each leg for feet, and create spider eyes with candy. Insert a pin through both holes of the gummy lifesaver and a candy necklace piece, pushing the pin into the styrofoam ball. Insert each leg into the ball. This kids’ Halloween craft is easy and adorable!

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