You will learn how to make DIY miniature soap bottles for Barbie using empty capsules and beads. You can choose different colors to make the doll’s bathroom stylish and cute. Let’s make miniature skates using a hot glue gun. Wrap doll’s leg in plastic wrap and use hot glue to make boots. Watch the full tutorial on how to decorate skates! Check out how to make a glamorous backpack for your Barbie. Reuse a drinking straw and make a cup for your doll. Now your girl can drink tea with her friends! If you want to make a doll’s house even cozier, decorate her room with miniature succulents made from felt and thimble.
Furniture for a miniature house could be very pricey and we offer you to watch our easy tutorials and use your imagination! Let’s create a whole collection of stylish furniture for your Barbie. You can make a comfy couch from kitchen sponges and fabric. All you need to do is to wrap every sponge with the fabric you like. You will need 4 sponges and using a hot glue gun connect them together. Watch step by step tutorial in our video. Turn your used laundry detergent bottle into a cute tub. Now you Barbie can enjoy her tub and relax after a runway.
Get your Barbie ready for the travel and turn a sewing kit into a cute suitcase. You will need a sewing kit, buttons and binder clip for this cool craft project. Find old CDs and reuse to make a lovely bicycle for your doll! You will need a couple of CDs, popsicle sticks and a plastic container to make an awesome bicycle for your dolls. Watch the full tutorial in our video!

00:09 DIY miniature soap bottles
00:33 Miniature skates for Barbie
03:13 DIY makeup tools for Barbie
08:28 New hairstyle for your doll
16:06 Play-doh dress

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