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Here is a close behind the scenes look at the very first of our automated, animated, motorized, and pneumatic props, The Peek-A-Boo grave popper pop up! It started out as just a scary plywood tombstone the first Halloween year which later became upgraded to a homemade animated motorized fun Halloween prop for our home haunt that has lasted through the years. In the peekaboo’s first year as a flat wood headstone grave in the cemetery which was painted with two bloody hand prints. The second year I glued foam to the back of the plywood to add thickness and covered it with joint compound to add texture. Steel brackets and plates were then added to the peeper along with a deer motor to make it pop up. It has a foam skull and two foam skeleton hands. It was painted, aged, and moss was glued on with spray 77. One cool thing about this prop is it could be refurbished each year and the theme could be changed by simply replacing the peeking skull with a twitching clown, attacking zombie, doll head , or Halloween ghost. The possibilities are endless. We saw a great Nightmare before Christmas themed one that you should check out. This is a perfect and great first build for a Halloween haunted house prop if you are thinking of joining the dark side into the Halloween prop making crazy. Please visit our Facebook page for more pictures of some of our decorations and props whether static, motorized, or pneumatic.

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