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Make an animated kicking leg diy moving Halloween prop for your yard display or haunted house walkthrough. We share a behind the scenes look at this fun Halloween decoration idea prop and walk you through how it was made. See what we did, go over issues, and what materials were used. This prop has lasted the last three years and ran around 4 hours a night for the 3 months total. Every time we think about retiring him people ask about him. It has been placed under a lawn mower with blinking puck lights to simulate spinning blades and speakers of a guy yelling “help me,” to being pulled into a freshly dug grave in which we really dug a huge hole in the front yard, to being pulled into a glowing coffin with a skeleton inside. It is one of our favorite motorized props for the yard or home haunt. The cemetery and graveyard wouldn’t be the same without him. He is our gravedigger that gets into mishaps around the cemetery. He is built with an aluminum frame bolted to an enclosed box constructed of 3/4″ Plywood. His moving parts consist of aluminum flat stock, steel tubing swing arm bolted to a 4 X 4 wood block. All metal parts are bolted with nylock nuts and greased ball joint fittings, jaw turnbuckles, heavy duty wiper motor powered by a LED lighting transformer.

Check out the other kicking legs Video to see him in action in the haunt.
Motorized Kicking Legs Prop In Action

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