DIY Dining Room Makeover / Indoor Swing / Home Office Desk / Crafts

Finally decided to give a makeover to our dining room which was completely cluttered and messy. I wanted to do this before we had gone for vacation, but then took sometime to think what changes I need in the dining area.
We changed out worn & torn dining chairs which was almost 5 years old, so got one from IKEA. Our table was fine, so didn’t change that.

An indoor swing is what I had always dreamt of having in our home. Buying one from a shop was expensive, and since we are in a rented apartment, didn’t want to spend much. So finally did a DIY swing, nothing else could be much satisfying. And I finally did it. Hope you all liked it in the video. The cushion that I had kept on it was from our old sofa, which while keeping it safe, I had the swing in my thoughts. And even the strong board was from our old coffee table from IKEA, that I had used for some Youtube recipe videos. It’s really a strong board !!

An office space is what everyone needs when on work. Am at home and never thought I would need one until my works became more tight on the schedules. My laptop, tripod, my notebook, pens and many other would just be scattered all around the house and I would be running around searching for anything that I needed while working on youtube videos. “A thing in its place and a place for a thing”, I guess this is what I had learnt in Business Studies. So i definitely needed a Home Office for my work, yes am a Working Woman, be it at home or outside.

Ironing board looks very neat without any mess when the sheet was all pinned. Am happy that I could definitely carry and take it on to another table if I wanted. Or even I could put that on the bed and iron in case the table needed some other use.

Hope you all enjoyed my Makeover. I know this isn’t too much to get over excited. But this is what my soul is satisfied. Less money for a beautiful look. Who doesn’t need that.


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5. Spray Paint ( Gold & Silver ) –
6. Artificial Tulip flowers –
7. Potpouri for fragrance –
8. Pen stand –
9. Air dry clay –
10. Pearl Metallic paint –

1. Rope for swing –
2. Cushion –
3. Strong Hooks –

1. Table runner –
2. Placemat square –
3. Placemat round –
4. Glass bowl –



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This is not a sponsored or paid video. Everything used or purchased here is of my personal choice.

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