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Here’s some fun DIY Halloween decor ideas of making easy to make rotten pumpkin decorations & moldy Jack-o-lantern props. See how we carve a set of customized Halloween Jack-o-lanterns from cheap Dollar Store styrofoam pumpkins, Joann Fabric Store & Michael’s Store foam fall pumpkins, & old thrift store funkin style light up jack-o-lanterns. We share a few great pumpkin prop carving ideas and how to make creative rotten & moldy pumpkins & Jack-o-lantern with paint, cotton, spray glue, spray foam, and real pumpkin stems. It’s really easy and simple to make these creepy and spooky fake rotten pumpkins so you have to try this DIY. Pumpkin spice up your Halloween decorations by turning them rotten. There are so many great ideas for customizing your old thrift store pumpkin decorations with the lights or new craft store foam pumpkin fall decor you just have to get started We hope you have fun making your Jack o’lanterns even more scary this Halloween with these carving Jack O’Lantern tips and tricks. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.

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Box Store Paint for the Halloween Rotten Pumpkin Props
Behr Paint Colors
Sunlit Topaz – Base
Jack-o-lantern – highlight
? – shadow
Craft Store Paint for the Halloween Rotten Pumpkin Props
Delta Brand – Ceramcoat
Light Foliage Green

Music from
Ehrling – Lounge, peyruis-so-jazzy, Ehrling – Mood, markvard-sky, vlad-gluschenko-lagoon – Sneaky Snitch Otis McDonald – Minneapolis

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DIY Halloween Decorations | Rotten Pumpkin Props | Carving Creative Jack-o’-lantern Designs