DIY Halloween decoration: Witch

Step by step I will show you how to prepare this small halloween dacoration.
This hand made witch can be fastened to the door or any metal bars in your house at Halloween.
With its vibrant colors, it immediately attracts attention. This lovely little ornament will look good on the decorated house or be given as a gift..

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The witch can be made in different sizes and colors with or without the broom. The broom can be optionally replaced either with a walking stick or a magic wand.
In modern times, witchcraft is often used in a positive sense and is characterized by a woman’s positive skill or wisdom.
In the same time it can also represent negative characteristics: malevolent manner, possession of supernatural, demonic abilities or can be a person who brings evil, disease, and destruction.

•1 pair of scissors
•1 compass (drawing tool)
•1 Ruler
•Paper and cardboard
•White thread
•1 thick needle
•1 black point 88 fineliner pen
•1 red point 88 fineliner pen
•1 piece of black felt (size: A4) (hat, dress, robe)
•1 piece of orange felt (size: A4) (collar, patch, pocket)
•1 piece of brown felt (size: A5) (hair)
•silk ribbon (50cm)
•1 piece of pressed paper 25 mm (head)
•4 piece of pressed paper 12 mm (hand, leg)
•Body color acrylic paint
•Red acrylic paint
•Black chenille wire (2x20cm)
•Orange chenille wire (2x20cm)
•1 piece of wooden cat (can be omitted)
•Black acrylic paint (cat body)
•White acrylic paint (cat body)
•Red acrylic paint
•1 piece of extra thin wooden stick
•natural rafia

Use of the work of Audionautix Dark Red Wine is licensed under
the following license: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) (