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25+ Mothers Day Crafts for Kids – Most Wonderful Cards, Keepsakes and More!

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There’s a whole bunch of totally awesome Mothers day crafts for kids they can make (and mothers will love) – from super simple projects for the littlest ones to more demanding crafts for older kids!

The best card ideas, easy projects preschoolers and toddlers can do and even a few amazing art projects.

Flower crafts are always a hit but there are many, many other cool crafts you will want to do (either at home or in the classroom)!

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Our Favorite Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

1. Tulip in a Heart Card

Tulip in a Heart Card Valentines Day Craft

This is one of the nicest cards you can make for Mother’s day – close it shut and when the card is opened it reveals a nice 3D tulip.

See how to make one (and grab the handy template)

2. Heart Shaped Notebook

DIY Heart Notebook Paper Craft

What is wonderful about this one it that it’s simple to make and you can fill this book with lovely kid’s drawings. Priceless keepsake for years to come.

Learn how to make a heart notebook.

3. Flowers in Hand

Cute Handprint Flower Craft for Kids

Another project worthy of a display on your fridge. Trace your child’s hand, make flowers and make a bouquet that won’t wilt away.

See how to make them here.

4. Fingerprint Heart Tree

Mother's Day Card - Fingerprint Heart Tree - this one is perfect for all ages

This one has been one of our favorite projects to make over the years.

See how to make this fingerprint heart tree here.

5. Unicorn Flower Pot

DIY Unicorn Planter

This unicorn flower pot makes the perfect kid made Mother’s day gift.

6. Handprint Art

Mothers Day Handprint Art-Flowers-Craft

Make a wonderful Mother’s day handprint art.

7. Handprint Salt Dough or Air Dry Clay Candle Holder – Mothers day crafts for kids to make in the classroom

Salt Dough Handprints Candle Holder Keepsakes

Salt dough keepsakes are perfect for larger groups of kids as they are really frugal.

8. Heart Flower

Paper Heart Flower Craft for Kids

One of the most fun Mother’s day cards – this heart opens up to reveal a hidden message.

9. Egg Carton Flowers

How to make flowers out of egg carton

Can you believe these flowers are made out of egg cartons?

10. Corner Bookmark

Heart Corner Bookmarks Paper Craft

See how to make heart corner bookmark

Hands Holding a Heart Mothers day Card

Hands Holding a Heart Mothers day Card

Mother’s Day Agamograph Template

Mother’s Day Agamograph Template

Heart Flowers Mothers Day Card

Heart Flowers Mothers Day Card

Fingerprint Flower Salt Dough Necklace Craft Idea for Mother’s Day

Fingerprint Flower Salt Dough Necklace Craft Idea for Mother’s Day

Salt Dough Handprints Candle Holder Keepsakes

Salt Dough Handprints Candle Holder Keepsakes

Egg Carton Flowers – Recycled Egg Carton Crafts

Egg Carton Flowers – Recycled Egg Carton Crafts

More Amazing Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

1. Flowers are always great so why not make one that will last a little bit longer like this egg carton sunflower canvas!

2. These decoupaged flower pots will be a welcomed gift. Modge Podge Rocks

3. Make a marbled bowl! It’s surprisingly easy to make and it looks gorgeous!  One Artsy Mama

4. And here’s another version of the marbled bowl as it’s just that awesome! A Beautiful Mess

5. This one is one of the cutest (and one of my favorite) keepsake crafts ever – make a hand shaped ring dish! – Mama. Papa. Bubba

Mother's Day Keepsake Gifts Kids Can Make

6. Know how to do tinted mason jars? It’s super easy! Hands on as We Grow

7. Picture frame vase? Yes please! I Heart Arts and Crafts

8. Jewellery is jet another great pick and it’s even better if kids make it themselves – you can do something as simple as this sand art bottle necklace (looks amazing). Easy Peasy and Fun

9. Frames are always great – make a tissue paper frame! Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

10. Get your hands dirty and make a unique shopping bag! We Made That

11. Give a flower! But here’s the twist – make your own unique flower pot! Edventures with Kids

12. Have an old umbrella lying around? Give that boring looking umbrella a makeover!

13. How about making a tulip pen? Muslin and Merlot

14. Need an easy project for the little one? Make this fingerprint Mother’s day card! Crafty Morning

Mothers Day Crafts Kids Can Do

15. If you’ve got a few buttons and egg cartons you can make this adorable egg carton art! Modge Podge Rocks Blog

16. Bookmarks are a great gift two and this DIY bookmark is perfect! Happy Hooligans

17. Salt dough is great for making keepsakes – try making this footprint keepsake! Cowboys Life Blog

18. If you have a candle or two you can also make these finger print candles. Come Together Kids

19. Giving flowers – be sure to also make this polka dot vase! Meaningful Mama

20. While at vases – you can do a ton of great looking ones by upcycling things in your household – see this set of Mother’s day vases. Moms and Crafters

21. Got coffee filters? Make a coffee filter bouquet! Fun at Home With Kids

Mothers Day Crafts for Kids - Kid Made Gifts
Mothers Day Crafts for Kids