Halloween crafts for kids – Easy mummy pinata – Also great party idea or fun craft for babysitters

Halloween crafts for kids – Easy mummy pinata – Also great birthday party idea or fun craft for babysitters

Hi Everyone! Today we tried out the cutest little halloween craft – a mummy pinata. We had so much fun spending the afternoon together making these, you should definitely give it a try.

This super sweet and easy mummy pinata is especially for those last minute folks and we will be honest, we are pretty much last minute with everything lol. We will, however, try to get better at this we promise!

The nice thing about this halloween craft is that it did not require much to make and it was not difficult at all. It was just loads of fun.

If you would like to make your own, you will need the following items (please remember to simply adjust the quantities per the amount of pinatas you will be making, this list will cater for making one):

– 1 x inside of empty toilet roll
– 2 x googly eyes
– some white crepe paper
– a piece of string (about 8 inches long / 16cm)
– a small piece of cardboard and a pen to write a small note
– a punch
– a scissors
– some glue
– sweets of your choice (we chose some jelly worms and jelly babies as we thought that these went quite well with the halloween theme).
– small toys of your choice. Please remember that little kids can choke on small objects so it may be best to give these to kids who are about 5 years and older.

So to make these cool looking mummy pinatas, follow these steps:

1. Cut your crepe paper into long thin strips about a half inch thick, just long enough to wrap around the mummy’s body.
2. Cut another few strips of crepe paper. This should be about 2 inches broad and will be used to cover the top and bottom of the pinata so that the treats and the little toys are covered nicely and does not manage to slip out.
3. Using some sellotape / glue, cover the top half of the pinata with a broad strip of crepe paper. Use another broad strip of crepe paper to cover the same side, but across in the opposite direction.
4. Once the top half of the pinata is secured, pop in some sweets of your choice and a little toy or two to surprise the person you are going to give it to. Remember not to make this too full as the treats will get stuck if everything is stuffed in and there will be no room for the sweets to fall out when the kids pull on the string to open it.
5. Once the pinata has been filled, take the little piece of cardboard and write a little note on it. Some examples of this can be “Happy Halloween” or “Pull me” etc. Once that is done, simply punch a little hole on the spot that you would like to place the string through.
6. Take your piece of string and make a loop through the hole and tie a know on the other end.
7. Place the string over the open side of the pinata creating a loop facing up (as the string would hang to tug on) and place a piece of crepe paper over the bottom half of the pinata, covering it and the one side of the string. Secure this with some sellotape or glue by making slits on the side of the crepe paper to create a nice, snug fit around the toilet roll holder.
8. Next, put 2 small blobs of glue on the top half of the pinata and place two googly eyes to create the face.
9. Once this is done, take the half inch wide strips of crepe paper and glue all around the mummy while draping the crepe paper over the entire toilet roll holder leaving no brown spaces exposed.
10. Once you reach the end of the strip, simply take a dot of glue and secure the end so that your mummy does not unravel.

And its as easy as that! We hope that you enjoy making this as much as we did.

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Love you stax and have a spooktacular halloween 🙂