Halloween Kids Craft DIY / Halloween Craft

Hey, I am Laura-Ann, A mum of boys from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

You will find me mostly over on instagram –

Or my blog: http://www.prettymuchme.co.uk/

In this video I am making some simple, cheap and easy Halloween decorations for a bit of fun decor around the house .

All items are linked below where possible and some of them are affiliate links.

Spiders :
Black Pom Pom’s : https://bit.ly/2CtX7Td
Black Pipe Cleaner’s : https://bit.ly/2yLslS4
Eye’s : https://bit.ly/2yqpEGf
Glue Gun : https://bit.ly/2PHcQC3
Invisable thread : https://bit.ly/2QZqMY6

Bunting :https://bit.ly/2q0RiVA
Halloween Shapes : https://bit.ly/2pVn9Ho
Halloween Glitter : https://bit.ly/2PBTu10

Halloween Background music : Bensound https://www.bensound.com/