How to make: A Halloween Spider Decoration | Halloween Crafts | Kids Crafts

Learn how to make a DIY spider for Halloween.

All you need is black paint, polystyrene balls, polystyrene glue, pipe cleaners, a toothpick, a kebab stick and googly eyes. If you want to hang up the spider you will also need thread and hanging pin.

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Step 1. Using a long skewer, pierce the larger ball
Step 2. Do the same with the smaller ball
Step 3. Holding the skewer, pierce the ball and paint it black. By doing it this way you’ll be able to paint the whole ball without getting paint on you!
Step 4. Place the skewer in a pint glass and leave to dry overnight
Step 5. Pull out the skewer and thread a pipe cleaner through the hole
Step 6. Pierce the ball another 3 times and repeat step 5. Add some shape to the legs of the spider
Step 7. Push a toothpick through the bigger ball and attach to the smaller ball
Step 8. Glue on the googly eyes and leave to dry
Step 9. If you want to hang up your spider, you will need to pinch the hanging pin together and dip in the polystyrene glue.
Step 10. Push the hanging pin into the ball

Draw on some fangs (or a smile). Hang him up and he’ll be ready for Halloween.

With love xx