How to make creepy eyes in trees Halloween decoration idea

Creepy eyes in trees decoration

Make your house spooky this Halloween with this creepy “eyes in trees” decoration idea.

What you need:

cardboard tubes (e.g. toilet rolls or paper towel rolls)
best quality glow sticks
craft knife

Draw various eye shapes onto the sides of your cardboard tubes.

Cut the eye shapes out with a craft knife.

Place the glow stick inside the tube.

Position them in the front garden where they will look creepy when night falls.
Hints and tips:

For this to work properly you need some good quality glow sticks. For instance, the small ones you buy in a big packet don’t work as well, but the bigger single pack ones (sometimes used for camping) work best.

Don’t activate your glow sticks too soon, or they’ll run out of glow before the trick or treaters even arrive!

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