Paper Crafts for Kids – Easy Blue and Neon Peacock With Paper

DIY Paper Peacock for Kids: Paper Craft Ideas, How to Make Peacock with Paper.
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Learn to make a paper peacock in this easy crafts tutorial by Crafting Hours.

For this easy kids craft activity, you need…

1. Origami or Pastel Sheets (Neon and Blue Colors)
2. Pencil, Eraser
3. Black Sketch Color
4. Wiggle Eyes

All this material you can buy online at a very affordable price or you can even buy from your nearby local store also.

In this video, you will learn to make a blue and neon peacock with paper. It is a part of exciting world of paper crafts in which you can make various objects. Here you will learn a simple way to make a paper peacock. Your kids will also love this peacock crafts activity.

Even if you have not done any DIY Crafts before, you can do this paper craft project at home easily. Just follow the step by step instructions shown in the video and soon you will become an expert in making paper peacocks.

So, without any further adieu, gather your crafting materials and get ready to have fun with paper crafts to make a beautiful blue and neon peacock with paper.

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