Scary Origami Pumpkin Box – DIY Halloween Decoration

Here is a great Halloween decoration idea: learn how to make a scary paper pumpkin box to decorate your house for Halloween! This Origami Pumpkin is an easy origami model and a fun DIY decoration project that anyone can make. It’s complete with scary eyes, nose and teeth, and even a stem to lift the lid of the pumpkin box.

This pumpkin is a box that you can use to store small pieces of Candy, or you can try to put a LED candle in it to make a cool Jack O’Lantern that glows in the night.

To make your origami pumpkin box, you will need 2 square pieces of paper with a different color on each side (Orange and white or orange and black would be perfect).
In the video I use orange and white 15×15 cm squares. You can of course use smaller or larger pieces of paper to make smaller or larger pumpkins.

If you do not have orange paper with a white or black side, you can use white paper and color one side with pencils, crayons, ink or paint, or you can try my other origami
pumpkin box model that you can draw on: (and this one does not have to be scary, you can make a cute smiling pumpkin!).

Once you have your two squares of paper, just follow the folding instructions and this step-by-step video tutorial.

This pumpkin model is not difficult, so you can make paper Jack O’Lanterns with kids and try to see who can make the scariest pumpkin.

Note: the way to create the teeth was suggested by Kaze on the French origami forum:

Important: this paper origami pumpkin box is an original origami model, designed by Stéphane Gigandet, and protected by copyright law. Please do not show how to fold this paper pumpkin in videos, diagrams, tutorials etc. Instead point to this video tutorial. Thank you!

I’m always very happy to hear what you think of my origami models, so please let me know what you think of this new origami Halloween pumpkin model in the comments below. 🙂

In this video I’m showing some of my models that some of you have folded:

– Origami Pumpkins Boxes by Annette Bussmann and Sophy Chen
– Origami Butterfly by Chiyo Kawai
– Origami Elephant Box by Ladislav Kaňka (LKorigami)
– Origami Seahorses by Unikat

Thank you very much for folding those models and sending me the pictures! 🙂

If you fold this paper pumpkin or another of my models, please send me a picture (through Facebook, Twitter or at so that I can add it on the web site and show it in a next video.

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Happy Halloween and Happy Folding!