Setting up some NEW 2018 Halloween Decorations & Custom Props!!!

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I’m in the middle of a house renovation, so I’m a little late with setting up my Halloween decorations for the 2018 season! I’m nowhere near done yet, so this is just a little teaser of what I’ve put out so far.

This year, I working on building some new props, along with altering some old ones. First off, I build 8 cemetery fence pillars and connected party chains between each one, and wrapped those with vines. For serving candy to trick or treaters, I corpsed an old orange pumpkin pail. I altered the giant spider I grabbed from Home Depot last year by removing its stand and lowering it to the ground to make it look like standing on its own. I picked up the Walmart exclusive “Clown’s Archway” that stands 12 feet wide and about 10 feet high. And lastly, I built a 6′ 2″ replica of Michael Myers based on his 2018 appearance from the new movie. I used a mannequin that was the right build, dressed it in some coveralls that were very similar, and rehauled/repainted the new mask from Trick or Treat Studios!

Be sure to join me on HALLOWEEN when my entire setup is out for everyone to see!

Cemetery Pillar Tutorial –