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Watch as Parents Magazine shows you this spool monster Halloween craft for kids! To start this Halloween craft, you’ll need a highlighter, a ping pong ball, a black marker, whiteout, a wooden spool, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, chenille stems, wooden beads, yarn, scissors, glue, and a thimble. Color an iris onto the ping pong ball with the highlighter, then make a pupil with black marker and whiteout. Glue this onto the spool, and wrap a chenille stem around the middle to create arms. Wrap yarn around the spool until the stem is covered. Bend another chenille stem in half, inserting it into the bottom of the spool to create legs. For the hands and feet, slide a wooden bead onto the stems. For the hair, wrap yarn around 3 fingers 8 to 10 times. Loop one end inside and tie it off, cutting through the loops with scissors. Glue this mat of hair into place, and add a thimble hat, if you’d like! This fun craft for kids is unique, and it really lets them use their imaginations in an easy Halloween craft!

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