St Patrick’s Day Treats!! DIY St Patricks Day Craft | Marissa and Brookie

St Patrick’s Day Treat Fun | DIY St Patricks Day Craft | Marissa and Brookie

In this video you will learn some of our favorite St Patricks Day Crafts and Treats.

We will show you how to make a Slushy Saint Patrick’s Day drink. It’s make from Green sherbet ice cream and Squirt.

We will also show you how to make a rainbow Saint Patricks Day fruit parfait. Add some whip cream and you have a delicious and healthy treat.

We show you how to make a DIY rainbow lemonade that will WOW anyone. It is made with lemonade and kool aide to flavor and color some ice cubes.

There is also a DIY slattered lucky shirt and a DIY tutorial for a four leaf clover tee shirt.

You will love watching Marissa and Brookie as they create and make tons of St Patrick’s Day projects.

Are you as excited for St. Patrick’s Day as I am?! I’m so excited if you couldn’t tell haha 🌈 🍀 🎩

Thumbs up if you want to give any of these recipes a try!

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