10 Recycling Projects Ideas – Tutorial Turning Waste Into Profit

10 Genius Recycling Projects Ideas That Good for Business. Utilizing recyclables, waste, trash, junk can be used to make money. By utilizing creativity and the idea of making crafts, tools, or furniture that can be sold in the market, will help you in making your own business.

You can make you own home, room or wall decor by following this video tutorial :

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DIY Wall Shelf Cardboard | Handmade Tutorials Step by Step

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One of the easiest ways to run used goods into objects for sale and profit is to know what hot craft ideas to sell online or offline as well as bazaars, craft fair or flea markets around you. There are so many things you can make and sell from used or wasted items such as chairs, table lamps, chandeliers, tables, cabinets, kitchen utensils, and many others.

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1. Wall Decoration // Scrap Waste Fire Wood Project 1

2. Scrap Ends Table

3. Heart making

4. DIY DriftWood Craft – Fish

5. Making of: Natural Mushroom Lamp (long Version)

6. “DEAD EDGE” LAMP – a Decent project

7. HIDDEN Cable SECRET Switch Lamp ; with Natural Branch ; DIY

8. Lamp with Edison Light Bulbs

9. Floor Lamp

10. Bela Poltrona Caipira Feita de Coxo Velho de Curral

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