With Mason Jars DIY Crafts Ideas

Get Creative with these 22 DIY Mason Jar Crafts

When it comes to craftiness, it’s hard to beat the utility of a mason jar. These simple little containers can be used as everything from piggy banks to candle holders, and the more elaborate crafters out there have even built things like mason jar chandeliers.

22 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Old Mason Jars

You don’t need advanced carpentry skills to get started with DIY mason jar craft projects, however. The simplest creations need nothing but a few supplies and a little imagination. Here are some common tools that you might gather as you prepare your work station:

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Fabric scraps
  • Decorative baubles, bells and ribbons
  • Lights and cords for electrical projects
  • Glitter and sparkles
  • Flexible wires
  • Paint
  • Whatever candles or flowers you want to put in your jars

When bringing your crafts to life, it’s also important to consider the mason jar itself. How big do you need it to be? How much wax or water will it hold? If you’re hanging it up or integrating it with a larger piece, where will you put its hooks?

Here are a few things to measure and record about your jar:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Volume
  • Material type
  • Weight capacity
  • Lid tightness

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider as you start creating DIY mason jar crafts. Keep everything in mind as you’re inspired by these 44 craft ideas!

1. All That Glitters

All That Glitters

DIY Project Details: masonjarcraftslove.com

Glitz up your flower pots by transforming ordinary mason jars into gorgeous gold fit for royalty. You don’t need King Midas to create gorgeous accent pieces that’ll glam up your home and make you feel like you’re walking the red carpet to your throne each time you pass them.

2. A Rustic Light on the Western Front

A Rustic Light on the Western Front

DIY Project Details: masonjarcraftsblog.com

For a more rustic inspired style, trying adorning your jars to bold, metal chains and hanging them off refurbished wood for a unique twist on wall lanterns. You’ll give your home that old-time glow while igniting the feeling of a simpler era, before the popularity of modern lighting fixtures.

3. A Tiny Garden for Tiny Creatures

A Tiny Garden for Tiny Creatures

DIY Project Details: facebook.com

Bring the garden inside and put your green thumb to work by turning traditional mason jars into adorable mini-ecosystems that will bring your living room to life while adding a splash of color to your space.

4. Lightly Luminescent Illumination

Lightly Luminescent Illumination

DIY Project Details: momspark.net

Brighten up your home with mason jar luminaries that can be retrofitted with any color of your choosing to create a unique vibe that coordinates beautifully with your existing decor. For the full effect, turn off all your other lights and let your luminaries shine!

5. Already Wrapped for Holiday Cheer

Already Wrapped for Holiday Cheer

Your holiday tree isn’t the only thing that can add some sparkle to your home. Dazzle the guests at your next holiday party by morphing your mason jars into shimmery accent pieces that’ll be right at home alongside your presents with its burlap bow.

6. The DIY Way to Organize

The DIY Way to Organize

DIY Project Details: indulgy.com

For a creative way to display your herbs and keep them within arms reach while you’re cooking, fit your jars with chalkboard stickers that make it easy to locate and organize your collection.

7. Sally Sells Seashells by the Seashore

Sally Sells Seashells by the Seashore

DIY Project Details: gottalovediy.com

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh ocean breeze and the sand between your toes, so why not bring a little bit of the beach home with you by decorating your mason jars with seashells? Every time you look at your DIY creation you’ll be transported back to your favorite beach-side resort.

8. Unique Candle Holders for DIY Home Decor

Unique Candle Holders for DIY Home Decor

DIY Project Details: somethingturquoise.com

Instead of buying generic candle holders from the store, why not let your inner creative-genius create unique-to-you variations that suit your bold style? Melt your own wax and color it however you choose; the possibilities are endless when you DIY!

9. Perfect for Mantlepieces and Centerpieces

Perfect for Mantlepieces and Centerpieces

Spice up your centerpieces by with cool painted mason jars set on a reclaimed wood pallet. Fix them with your favorite flowers for a new take on a classic look.

10. Next Step: The Lampshade

Next Step: The Lampshade

There are many ways to use mason jars to light up your living space, including replacing your otherwise tired, boring, lamp bases with clear jars for a vintage appeal! Fit it with your bulb of choice to create suave mood lighting or flame-like brilliance.

11. Fish Not Included

Fish Not Included

DIY Project Details: itallstartedwithpaint.com

For your inner sea captain, bring the open water to your home without the need to ever sail away by incorporating twine and blue mason jars for a fishnet styled piece of decor that’ll have you dreaming of kicking back on island paradises.

12. A Different Kind of Photo Album

A Different Kind of Photo Album

DIY Project Details: homestoriesatoz.com

Put away those boring old 4×6 frames and put your love for your family and friends on display with a one-of-a-kind picture frame mason jar display piece; jazz it up with some seasonal flowers and you have a vibrant new place to store your precious memories.

13. Fairy Lights to Guide You Home

Fairy Lights to Guide You Home

DIY Project Details: christmaslightsetc.com

Revolutionize your home into a fantasy world with mason jar light decor inspired by mystical fairies. With their warm glow, you’ll create a dream-like atmosphere that you’ve always imagined.

14. For Runny Roses and Weepy Eyes

For Runny Roses and Weepy Eyes

DIY Project Details: landeeseelandeedo.com

Throw away your old cardboard kleenex boxes, their mason jar equivalent will be a fully functional welcomed change to the classic fare and will have everyone who enters your home marveling at how adorable they look.

15. The Most Glamorous of DIY Mason Jar Crafts

The Most Glamorous of DIY Mason Jar Crafts

DIY Project Details: elegantweddinginvites.com

If you’ve ever wanted a stunning chandelier draped from your ceiling but never could find one that suits your laid-back southern style, you haven’t yet seen what a few mason jars and some light bulbs can do!

16. For Your Odds and Ends and Eccentricities

For Your Odds and Ends and Eccentricities

DIY Project Details: polkadotchair.com

With the holidays around the corner, your house is sure to be chock full of extra candies, cookies, and other sweet treats, and instead of putting them in a boring old cookie box, why not craft yourself a stylish little mason jar to house them in?

17. Never Lose the Salt Again

Never Lose the Salt Again

DIY Project Details: landeeseelandeedo.com

Salt and pepper shakers are a household staple, but they can be a little basic, so jazzing them up and placing them in easily accessible mason jars is a great way to keep your house tidy by ensuring all those tiny specks have a place to call home.

18. Send a Message

Send a Message

DIY Project Details: etsy.com

While we love our mason jars to be functional, they can serve other purposes too, like spreading some extra love in your home for all your guests to enjoy!

19. Cultivating an Indoor Garden

Cultivating an Indoor Garden

DIY Project Details: shelterness.com

If you fancy yourself a bit of a botanist but feel held back by the cooler seasons, creating a smaller version of your outdoor garden will keep your green thumb busy while brightening up the decor in any room you’d like.

20. A Touch of Elegance In Your Bathroom

A Touch of Elegance In Your Bathroom

DIY Project Details: hauteandhealthyliving.com

Cotton swabs, soaps, and other bathroom essentials don’t have to be an eyesore, and if you fancy putting them on a display for ease-of-use nothing will make them pop out more than placing them in clean, see-through mason jars.

21. Straight Out of a Western

Straight Out of a Western

DIY Project Details: hometalk.com

If you have any rooms in your home that are lacking windows and natural light, you can sweeten up any space with an eye-pleasing mason jar filled display that mimics the look of your windowsill flowers.

22. Hypnotize All of Your Guests

Hypnotize All of Your Guests

DIY Project Details: goodshomedesign.com

For a more colorful twist on fantasy inspired fairy jars, use glow sticks to create an air of mystery – they are sure to mesmerize anyone who comes near!