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16 Cool DIY Bracelets

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DIY bracelets are a hip fashion in the past. Remember the 90s? The grunge ripped jeans and Chuck Taylors. One of the biggest trends that emerged were friendship bracelets. Over a decade later and 90s fashion is finally making its long-awaited comeback. Introducing the joys of flannel and casual footwear to a new generation but with a whole new silhouette—including accessories.

True to the 90s aesthetic, accessorizing for this season is still all about contrasts. Mixing and matching colors and texture, then piling them all on to achieve that desired casual insouciance. Though instead of loud colors, shapes, and patterns, arm parties have been reinvented to achieve a more tasteful approach for these easy DIY bracelets.

16 Cool DIY Bracelets that Make Cute Friendship Bracelets

1. Wrap Bracelets

Wrap Bracelets | Cool DIY Bracelets | easy diy bracelets
How to Make 3 Super Simple Wrap Bracelets Photo by Brit + Co.

Best stacked on your wrist in multiple colors, this eye-catching style offers a simple but colorful way to add more personality into even the plainest outfit. You can follow the step-by-step instructions for this wrap DIY bracelets here.

2. DIY Beaded Bracelets

DIY Braided-Bracelets | Cool DIY Bracelets | diy bracelet ideas
DIY Braided Bead Bracelet Photo by Honestly WTF

These are easy, DIY bracelet ideas that you can make at home and give away to your friends. Pile them on your arm and pair it with different textures such as metal and silk for contrast. If you want to give this DIY a try, you can find the full tutorial here.


3. Heart Bracelet

Heart Bracelet | Cool DIY Bracelets | bracelets
DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet Photo by Honestly WTF

In the spirit of DIY friendship bracelets, nothing says you’re true BFFs than by taking the time to weave cute patterns on your friendship bracelets. One of the most popular friendship bracelet patterns is the heart bracelet which you can view here for the complete DIY.

4. Braided Cuffs

Braided Cuffs | Cool DIY Bracelets | how to make beautiful bracelet
DIY Bracelet: Glammed Up Hex Nut Bracelet Photo by Yes Missy

Take a simple braided pattern and insert beads through the threads as you go along the length of your bracelet. This gives your braided bracelet a pretty little sparkle, best worn stacked with other cute friendship bracelets you’ve collected from your BFFs. For the complete tutorial click here.

5. Knot Bracelets

Knot Bracelets | Cool DIY Bracelets | friendship bracelet tutorial
Wonderful DIY Cool Knotted Bracelet Photo by Wonderful DIY

Who knew those random knots will come in handy one day for fashion purposes. Start by choosing preferred colors that you want for your DIY bracelet (keep it all in the same color family but in different shades) and experiment with different knot techniques. This post has the full DIY.

6. Fishtail Braids DIY Bracelets

Fishtail Braids DIY Bracelets | Cool DIY Bracelets | diy beaded bracelets
DIY Ombre Fishtail Friendship Bracelet Tutorial Photo by Feltasaurus

These fishtail braids are great for making delicate friendship bracelets stacked with chunkier pieces. If you’re making one, be sure to choose fabric in colors that pop. The full DIY is available in this post.

7. Chain Bracelets

Chain Bracelets | Cool DIY Bracelets | diy bracelets step by step
DIY Bracelet | How To Make A Chain Bracelet Tutorial Photo by A Common Thread

A great addition to any stack, one or two chain bracelets add a little shine to your arm party. You can wear these chain bracelets with your favorite party outfit and no one will even suspect it’s not designer bracelets but DIY bracelets. Detailed instructions are available here.

8. DIY Bracelets with Hex Nuts

DIY Bracelets with Hex Nuts | Cool DIY Bracelets | diy bracelets tutorial
DIY Bracelets Photo by The Good Stuff

Speaking of metal, mixing a few metallic pieces here and there with some texture, from leather or fabric can add an edgy twist to your stack. Wear this with your staple casual minimalist outfits such as blue jeans and shirt to give it a more rock and roll feel. The detailed tutorial can be found here.

9. Stylish Wrap Bracelets

Stylish Wrap Bracelets | Cool DIY Bracelets | beaded bracelets patterns
Funky Bracelets Photo by Best Bracelets

Pile on the personality on the wrist. Make a statement by wearing your aspirations, dreams, and everything that you stand for as handmade jewelry. Whether it’s to remind you of your dream or to symbolize your goals, stylish wrap bracelets are a welcome addition to arm parties as a way to personalize the look.

10. Sassy DIY Bracelets

Sassy DIY Bracelets | Cool DIY Bracelets | triangle friendship bracelet
Build your Arm Party : How to Make 5 Bracelets in 10 Minutes Photo by Matter of Style

Following previous DIYs of mixing metals and fabrics, this DIY using a gold chain and cross-stitch thread is a quick way to create a pretty fashion statement. It’s definitely an upgrade from your typical cute friendship bracelets. The complete tutorial for this DIY bracelet can be found here.

11. DIY Rope Bracelets

DIY Rope Bracelets | Cool DIY Bracelets | bracelet tutorials with string
DIY Knotted Stylish Cord Bracelet Photo by Fab Art DIY

These styles of handmade jewelry tend to be thicker and bigger, so it’s best worn by itself instead of stacked with other bracelets. These cuffed styles are great as accent pieces, particularly for casual outfits that need a little pizazz. Detailed instructions for this DIY bracelet can be found here.

12. DIY Leather Bracelet

DIY Leather Bracelet | Cool DIY Bracelets | diy leather bracelets
10 Easy Tutorials to Craft DIY Leather Bracelets Photo by I Always Pick The Thimble

Leather cuffs are edgy and cool—which is why they continue to stand the test of time. To make your own DIY leather bracelet, you can braid leather strands together to create a simple cuff or recreate a regular chain link by cutting leather and sewing it together. Add additional metal accents, such as beads, to update the look.

13. Stone Bracelet

Stone Bracelet | Cool DIY Bracelets | how to make homemade bracelets with beads
DIY Wood & Stone Bead Bracelets Photo by Made in A Day

Sometimes, the only inspiration you need will come from nature itself. For this DIY bracelet, take a precious stone as a centerpiece and attach it to a silver or gold chain to create a statement piece. You can lengthen the chain to create a wrap bracelet or even a necklace. The full DIY can be viewed here.

14. Cord Bracelet

Cord Bracelet | Cool DIY Bracelets | handmade bracelets diy
Knotted Cord Bracelet DIY Photo by Katrinshine

Cord bracelets infuse simple knot techniques and the durability of the material to create a lasting accessory. Make your own by tying an infinity knot and securing ends with clasps. The tutorial for this DIY bracelet is detailed in this post.

15. Delicate DIY Friendship Bracelets

Delicate DIY Friendship Bracelets | Cool DIY Bracelets | bracelet tutorials
DIY Blue Stone Bracelet Photo by Fall For DIY

Whether worn by itself for a simple and understated look or stacked with chunkier metal styles and woven friendship bracelets, delicate bracelets are a covetable addition to any collection. To create a delicate bracelet, stack your choice of stones or beads through an eye pin. Secure each end with jump rings and attach a chain on each end. If you want the complete instructions for this DIY bracelet, check out this post.

16. Brass and Rope Bracelet

Brass and Rope Bracelet | 16 Cool DIY Bracelets | make braided rope bracelet
Brass and Rope Bracelet Photo by Eat Sleep Make

The supplies to use for this bracelet are available at your local hardware store. The rope is available in different colors so you can create different designs depending on who you’re giving it to. Check out the tutorial here.