15 Garden Lanterns that Will Transform Your Yard

Garden Lanterns

One look at these dreamy garden lanterns and you’ll think you’re on the set of a Nicholas Sparks movie.  You can boost your yard to romance novel status with just a few simple lighting additions.  To help you turn your backyard space into a romantic oasis, I’ve rounded up these 15 ways to create outdoor lighting.

15 Garden Lanterns that Will Transform Your Yard

1. Country chic mason jars

Garden lanterns

2. If you’re lucky enough to have a large tree in your backyard, string it with lights and adorn it with hanging mason jars with firefly lights in them.

Garden lanterns

3. Upcycle tin cans and turn them into garden lanterns.


4. This backyard space is simple and so beautiful.  I especially love the hanging wire basket lighting.

Garden lanterns 4

5. Vintage lanterns turned garden lanterns.

Garden lanterns 5

6.  Who says you need to live in the country for a gorgeous backyard?  Lighted paper lanterns really make a statement in this urban space.

Garden lanterns 6

7. And this is just magical—lights strung around hula hoops.

Garden lanterns 7

8. This is awesome!  Turn old (think your grandma’s) light fixtures into hanging lanterns!

Garden lanterns 8

9. I wish I had steps up to my house to place these pretty metal garden lanterns.  I love the nautical feel of the rope handle.

Garden lanterns 9

10. Use twine or macrame to hang glass jars for garden lanterns.

Garden lanterns 10

11. These DIY upcycled lantern vases would be lovely outdoors.

Garden lanterns 11

12. I love the beachy feel these wicker lanterns imbue.

Garden lanterns 12

13. The cool purple garden lanterns really transform this outdoor space.

Garden lanterns 13

14. I totally have to try this: make your own citrus infused outdoor candles using olive oil and lemons.

Garden lanterns 14

15. Although these are on the beach, I think they’d make beautiful garden lights.  Simple sitting mason jars and firefly lights.

Garden lanterns 15


And now I’m in the perfect mood for a nice romantic page-turner.


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