17 Insanely Cool Paper Plates That Make Life More Fun

Birthday parties, barbecues, fiestas…they’re all more fun when you can have a sense of humor and these cool plates definitely bring the fun. Check out these insanely cool paper plates for your next shin-dig!

17 Insanely Cool Paper Plates That Make Life More Fun

1.Donut paper plate: Looks good enough to eat! Around $7 for 16.


2. Beach ball paper plates: Doth my eyes deceive me? Take these fun plates to your next beach picnic. Around $13 for 8.


3. Gold-leafed pineapple plates: So posh and festive at the same time. $15 for 24.


4. Marble modern plates: For more upscale events, like a bridal shower or anniversary party, these plates are fancy without the fuss.

5. Vintage floral paper plates: For a farmhouse feel with a little whimsy. $13 for 24.

6. Planet-friendly palm plates: Rest easier using these cool palm plates at your next luau. $20 for $25.

7. Llama paper plates: Llama lovers will party hard with these fun plates–and they’re a great deal too! $16 for 80.

8. Watermelon plates: These fun paper plates were just made for warm summer nights in the back yard or picnics by the lake.


9. Sloth paper plates: Invite Kristen Bell over and she’ll be crying before the second course. Sloth plates. Swoon. $16 for 80.

10. Zoo animals: Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! $13 for 24.

11. Cactus extraordinaire:

This takes the cake, I mean cactus. $12 for 12.

12. Plate full of lemons: There’s nothing better than a bowl full of lemons, unless it’s a plate full. $12 for 8.

13. Strawberry paper plates: Feeling fruity? Nothing says yummy like these fun plates.

14. Red lips plates: Nothing boring about these plates. In fact, nothing at Meri Meri is dull…check out the full collection of party essentials. $7 for 8.

15. Polka dots: These are generic enough for any event, yet still full of fun. $5 for 8.

16. Oh Happy Day Rainbow Plates: If you love to play host or hostess, you gotta know about Oh Happy Day. These guys have tons of fun paper plates, like this rainbow one. $7.50 for 8.

17. Sweet Lulu plates: This toadstool plate is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out Sweet Lulu for a creative assortment of paper plates, as well as all things party.

Life is too short for boring. Your party deserves a flare of fun and these cool paper plates are just the ticket!

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