5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom

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 I recently got the itch to do a simple REFRESH to our bathroom. Refresh means to “to give new strength or energy to..”. I love that idea! So many spaces in our house don’t need a complete over haul, they just need new energy! 

If your bathroom is anything like mine, it can sometimes be the LAST room in the house to get some TLC. Yet, it’s where we spend a LOT of time….and not just for what YOU are thinking right now. 😉 Showering, bathing, makeup application, hair do-ing…it’s a BUSY room in our house! Don’t get me wrong, I actually love our bathroom design, but I wanted to create some simple ideas that anyone can apply to the bathroom in their house. 

I wanted to bring a vintage chic vibe to my bathroom. Walmart was my go-to for all the items I needed. I love that Walmart has such an awesome selection at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank. I’ve been super impressed with their style! Not to mention they offer 2 day, free shipping on most items for purchases over $35.
Any one that enables me to shop from home and NOT leave my house is a winner in my book!

5 Easy ways to Refresh Your Bathroom Space

  1. 1. Get some new towels!

    Have you ever stayed at a hotel and noticed how SOFT the towels were? There’s got to be some strategy in this. When you have soft, high quality, new towels, it makes you feel at home! I was shocked when I took a close look at our towels. Makeup stains, wear, even a hole or two! These tattered old things CAN’T be giving off GOOD energy. Even if you don’t have the budget to replace ALL your towels, at least reach for a couple new hand towels to set out for guests. It can make a WORLD of difference. I snagged these towels for my bathroom. I loved the classic tapestry design, and the soothing colors. The grey fit in well with my new decor. 

2. New rugs make a statement.

When you think about how much your bathroom rugs go through, it’s honestly a little gross. Lots of dripping wet bodies and hair. Bare feet stepping into the shower. The occasional misstrike of a little boy who can’t quite reach the toilet (Sorry if that’s gross for you…it’s true in our house). Bathroom rugs are important and to replace an old gross rug is super important for a good refresh. Here’s a little secret, I got this set of white rugs from Walmart, and I’m ONLY going to pull them out when guests come. The white looks SO fresh, clean and still has that vintage chic feel I’m going for. 

3. Get creative with storage

One thing I notice again and again on all my favorite interior designers accounts, is CREATIVE storage. They make the most mundane products, you’re probably using daily, look like something special. I find, replacing your bags of bathroom products or plastic bottle of soap, with some a little prettier, really helps to step things up a notch.
Take for example these small, glass storage jars. I love these jars because they could really serve SO many functions in SO many rooms. For today’s refresh, I used them to store things like cotton balls, Q Tips etc.
Don’t they look so pretty?

I also replaced the lame plastic bottle of soap with this gorgeous bubble glass version. I just think this is the prettiest soap pump ever! It also adds an vintage chic feel to the overall style of the bathroom. I loved it so much, I of course had to get the matching tooth brush holder too!

Isn’t it funny how such a minor change, can really catch your eye?

I also can’t forget this – toilet paper storage. Many of us just have it shoved under cabinet sinks, causing our guests to dig through who knows where just to find it! I thought this tank basket was so clever. It so perfectly fits a standard roll of TP and looks great doing it!


4. Replace the shower curtain.

Embarrassing story. Remember me mentioning earlier, certain little boys’ mis aims causing me issues? (Apologies again if this grosses you out…). Recently, I couldn’t figure out WHY the bathroom smelled faintly like urine, even AFTER I had literally bleached EVERY crevice. After some investigation, I found the bottom of my shower curtain was the mystery odor. YUCK!

Shower curtains can be retainers for things like soap scum, mildew and more and need to be replaced every so often (or at least washed). IT was high time to replace mine, and I fell in love with this gorgeous shower curtain which I felt so well into the whole vibe of the room. A little girly. A little vintage. A lot of style. Do you not LOVE the small abstract 3d flower detail?

5. Make it SMELL good.

I know, I know. Duh. Common sense. I think purchasing a new candle or even a common air freshener is the cherry on top. It makes all your “refreshing” a home run! I found lots of new and yummy scents HERE.   This scent is a personal favorite of mine. 

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I hope this bathroom refresh inspired you even a little! Be sure to check out the great styles at Walmart  for all your bathroom and home style!



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