Panda Bear Picture Books: Both Trendy and Classy

Panda Bear picture books are a classic. I particularly like gifting picture books, and I’m always on the lookout for a fun theme. There are tons of cute baby gift options in black and white, so creating a themed-gift is super easy. For this panda bear article, I reached out to my friend Kelli Panique and she pinged 12×12 Picture Book Challenge members to get their insights. Several of these books were nominated not just by me, but by children’s book professionals. Hooray!

Funniest Panda Bear Picture Book:

The Panda Problem is the latest book by New York Times bestselling author Deborah Underwood.  This funny book also teaches kids about the basics of writing a story. So it’s funny and educational. Win-win!

“Highly entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny.” –Kirkus

Note! If you like humorous books for kids, like Panda Problem, check out this amazing list of funny picture books.

Most Charming Panda Picture Book:

Caldecott Honoree and New York Times bestselling author/artist Jon J. Muth has so many pretty panda bear picture books to select from. For me, Hi, Koo! rose to the top.

Panda Bear Board Book with the Most “Heart”:

Little Panda by Julie Abery is the most recommended panda bear picture book by other professionals in the industry. And it’s easy to see why. With the rhyming perfection and the loving focus of the book, it’s definitely one to consider gifting or adding to your own home library. If you’re specifically looking for a board book like Little Panda (though this also available in other formats), here is a list of my favorite board books for babies.

Little Panda Picture Book

Most Popular Panda Bear Book:

Honestly, this board book is what gave me the idea for this article. I loved the illustrations in Please, Mr. Panda, and I wondered what other amazing panda bear books for kids were flying under the radar. Like Muth, Steve Anthony has an entire line of panda bear centered books. In Please, Mr. Panda, kids learn about manners via cheerful illustrations.

panda bear picture books


More Picture Books!

Big thank you to Kelli and the children’s book experts at 12×12 Picture Book Challenge for their insights. (I wish I could’ve included all their recommendations in this article!).  For items to pair with these books in gifts, consider the panda bear muslin swaddler {here}, or the black and white bibs {here}.  If you like crafty gifts, check out these adorable teethers {here}.

If you’re on the hunt for more fantastic, giftable books, here are funny options, as well as a list of some of my overall favs >>

Funniest Picture Books:


Best picture books of 2015:

Picture Books


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