The 5-in-1 Baby Essential That Will Change Your Life

*Thank you to Graco for partnering with us on this post. Our love for babies and mommies brings us together with one baby essential!

Babies come into your life like a sweet springtime storm: the whole experience is fresh, new, and unpredictable. It’s a whirlwind of diapers, sporadic sleep, and skin so soft you’ll want to nuzzle for hours. After bringing home each of my four babies, I was deeply humbled by how much they depended on me. 

I was their person.

Babies enter this big world completely vulnerable. They rely profoundly on us to nurture them and keep them safe. That kind of responsibility brings a mother to her knees.

That’s why having help at home is crucial and this 5-in-1 baby essential is the key. It brought me so much peace of mind and made caring for our babies so much easier. If you are a mama or grandma, here is the one baby accessory you absolutely need.

The 5-in-1 Baby Essential That Will Change Your Life

When you can have baby close but be hands-free…that is a game-changer. With my first baby, I was teaching high school and on the occasional planning day, she loved to come with me in her Pack ‘n Play®. It’s my absolute favorite baby accessory, hands down.

The same Pack ‘n Play traveled with us across the country when we moved from Florida to Idaho; it’s seen all four of our babies through trips to Grandma’s house, and it’s been on many adventures with us including Disneyland and camping. I mean, it took up over half our tent, but all our babies experienced their first camping trips that way.

If you have a baby, are expecting a baby, or have a grand baby on the way…I promise you, Graco’s Pack ‘n Play® Travel Dome™ LX  Playard is the best investment you can ever make!

It performs 5 functions in one.

Talk about getting your money’s worth! The Graco Pack ‘n Play® is really like five baby essentials in one:

1. Raised Bassinet

You know what it’s like after having a baby…or maybe this is your first baby and you’re trying to prepare…you are one sore mama. Bending down is difficult to say the least, and that’s why the Graco’s Pack ‘n Play® Travel Dome™ LX  Playard is a life-saver. It has a raised bassinet that sits at eye level on the playard so moms can easily check in on baby. Genius!

2. Portable Dome Bassinet

You can remove the portable bassinet and take it with you around the house. Have baby close while your hands are free to do other things!

3. Diaper Changer

I especially love the included care station where you can change baby’s diaper no matter where you are.

4. Full-size Infant Bassinet

Remove the portable bassinet and care station and you’ve got a full-size infant bassinet. There’s no need to purchase a solo bassinet! This Pack ‘n Play® has everything you need!

5. Toddler Playard

The fifth capability of the Graco Pack ‘n Play® Travel Dome™ LX is a toddler playard. It can function as baby’s bed when you travel or a play station when you’re at home. Plus, it collapses into a very compact carry bag that is super convenient to grab and go.

It’s the baby essential that grows with your baby.

Like I said, there is no need to buy all these extra superfluous baby accessories—the Graco Pack ‘n Play® has everything you need in one handy travel system. It’s great for newborns and grows with your baby as he grows. 

I used mine until my kids got big enough to climb out!

It allows you to be hands-free and still close to baby.

Moms are busy. So busy. We need to be able to keep baby close, but still get stuff done. The Graco Pack ‘n Play allows you to be super productive while having baby near. It’s the one baby accessory I would recommend time and again to any new parent. Best investment I ever made.

So if you’re looking for the one baby essential that will change your life as a parent…the Graco Pack ‘n Play® is it. Hands down worth every penny. Get it now and let the adventures begin!


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