The Happy Surprise Every Dog Deserves

*A huge thanks to BarkBox for sponsoring this post and for making a happy surprise possible for over 2,000,000 doggies!

If you’ve got a doggie friend, you know how important they can be to your family. Dogs are not only loyal companions, but some of the very best friends you and your children will ever have.

Growing up, my family had a lovable yellow lab named Halley. As a puppy, she helped my four siblings and I work out our energy as we’d run all over the yard, throwing a tennis ball to her, and even wrestling with her. As we grew up and became teenagers, Halley would always wait up for us on the front porch when we were out late with friends or on a date. She was our protector against skunks and raccoons that would saunter across our lawn at night time and it was a good thing we lived in the country, because her howls could reach the moon.

If you are a dog owner, you know how much joy they can bring to your life. And vice-versa, you are the center of your furry friend’s universe. Want to know a cool way to make them crazy-happy? 

Try BarkBox! It’s a fun gift that every dog deserves.

The Happy Surprise Every Dog Deserves

Every pup deserves to have a smile on his or her face and let me tell you, a BarkBox surprise does this! It’s adorable and makes dogs go gaga with excitement. A puppy getting BarkBox is comparable to a kid on Christmas Eve…so fun and so cute! In fact, BarkBox would be a great gift to give a neighbor’s dog or your own fur baby.

We wanted to surprise our doggie friends Oscar and Otto–two Dachshunds that are the cutest duo.

Oscar and Otto are like the canine Batman and Robin, fighting off squirrels, scaring off criminals (aka solicitors), and making the world a better place with their chill big brother-little brother vibes.  

Their BarkBox was full of treats and toys that had them both very curious.

What is BarkBox?

It’s a fun monthly surprise box just for dogs! You can give one as a one-time gift, or subscribe to a surprise box every month. Plans start at just $22 per month with a simple breakdown:

  • 12 Month Subscription: $22/BarkBox (best deal)
  • 6 Month Subscription: $25/BarkBox (most popular)
  • Month-to-month: $29/BarkBox (good for that friend or neighbor gift or occasional surprise)

Every box is valued at over $40 and spoils your pup with 5 high-quality items that you don’t see every day. Two toys, two bags of treats, and 1 chew tailored to your dog’s breed and preference.

Cool to note…each month features a different BarkBox theme. Previously there was “New York” and this month it’s “The Dog Daze.” So adorable. Or you can choose “Surprise me” for even more spontaneity like Oscar and Otto did.

They like to live life on the edge.


How does it work?

The thing I LOVE about BarkBox is that they are so interested in your dog’s personality. It’s so easy to get started with BarkBox. 

You’ll answer a few questions about your dog, like their name, size, and breed. They’ll ask if your dog has any allergies, which I think is super conscientious. After that, you simply choose which plan works best for you and your BarkBox is on it’s way to your furry friend!

If Otto (or Rover or Roxy) isn’t 100% happy with his or her BarkBox, they’ll work with you to make it right. Scout’s honor. To date, BarkBox has served over 2,000,000 happy dogs—how cool is that?

(I mean seriously check them out on Instagram…their doggy feed makes me smile every single day!)

Try this hot promo:

National Dog Day Offer: Celebrate your cutie patootie pup on National Dog Day!

  • Get $5 off your First Box on 6 & 12 month plans!
  • Offer good 8/23 – 8/29 (8:59 EST)


If you’re a dog parent (or sibling or friend) who loves to spoil your canine companions, you definitely need to try BarkBox. Give your dog a happy surprise to get all hyped up and slobbery for every month.

Surprise your pup now!

Oscar and Otto totally recommend it. Crime fighters by day and cozy snugglers by night…this dynamic duo definitely deserves a reward and your super pup does too.



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