Top 12 Coolest Fake Plants That Are Instagram-Worthy

There’s no doubt that decorating with greenery brightens your space and adds a fresh element to your home. Houseplants are absolutely gorgeous, but not all of us can keep them alive for longer than a week. If I had to equate the amount of money I’ve spent on plants that end up in the trash, I could have fed my family for a month. Instead of wasting cash, I’ve turned to faux plants, which are just as lovely and last forever. Here are the coolest fake plants that are picture-perfect (and it’s interesting to learn their names!).

Top 12 Coolest Fake Plants That Are Instagram-Worthy

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

You probably recognize the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree from some of your favorite home decor Insta pages. Designers love this lush plant which is native to Africa. You can this fab fake version at Crate and Barrel and other versions here and here. 

2. Palms

Get a subtle sense of the tropics with a fake palm. This one from Wayfair comes with the planter and has some great height. I also adore these Phoenix palm stems. 

3. Faux Cacti

There is something about the look of cacti that makes it one of the coolest fake plants. They bring an element of fancy-funky to any room and the fake cacti don’t hurt, making them safe around little ones. These artisan fake cacti are potted and so pretty.

This tall cacti is awesome as well. This one is pretty realistic with a reasonable price tag.

4. Monstera Plant

The Monstera plant, also known as the “Swiss cheese plant” grows naturally in the tropical forests of Mexico and South America. Its giant leaves are lovely in a corner of your home. This faux monstera includes the pot and ships free.

5. Lemon Tree

There is something about citrus that just makes a place sunnier. If you can’t keep a real lemon tree alive, try a fake one. The one featured above is a very realistic version that although it won’t give you lemonade, it will bear lemons all year round.

6. Nasturtium

The Nasturtium is a low-dwelling pant with unique almost heart-shaped leaves that make for an interesting centerpiece. You can find this Nasturtium here. 

7. Aloe

My favorite plant that I ever owned (and kept alive for nearly four years!) is an aloe. This succulent is extremely hardy and doesn’t need much to survive. If you don’t care to try out the real thing, try a fake aloe for a friend.

8. Banana Leaf Tree

If you’re looking for one of the coolest plants that brings a tropic vibe into your home, try a banana leaf tree. I love the thick, rustic trunks and the big green leaves.

9. String of Pearls

The String of Peals is the influencer of all plants. It’s the on-trend plant that all other little plants want to be. Maybe it’s the cute little bulbs, or “pearls” that cascade delicately down, but this is one cool plant to have in your home.

10. Dracaena Tree

This spiky tree is great for an entryway or corner of your house that needs a little character.

11. Bonsai Tree

Forget that a Bonsai tree automatically reminds me of Karate Kid or Kung Fu Panda, the Bonsai tree is one of the coolest fake plants to have as decor. Makes for an interesting conversation piece.

12. Bird of Paradise

A Bird of Paradise plant is one of the most beautifully flowering plants, with those bright orange flowers that you associate with the Bird of Paradise. It would be cool to have a real one, but skating by with the artificial version may save you a lot of headache. This artificial Bird of Paradise tree is lovely.


Decorating with faux plants is a great way to bring the style without all the hard work.

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