Why Our Family Takes Tervis Everywhere We Go

*We’re excited to partner with Tervis (the best tumblers on the planet!) for this sponsored post. Once you have one for yourself, you’ll see just how amazing they are!

We are an on-the-go family with some type of sport or activity practically every day of the week. My kids are constantly grabbing a water bottle or tumbler out of the pantry to take with them. We probably couldn’t survive without them! I keep a Tervis tumbler with me at all times; it’s what I gift my girlfriends and bring to “Favorite Things” parties because I am that crazy about them!

I can’t wait to tell you a little more about Tervis, what makes them special, and some great deals going on right now! And because your family is on-the-go just like mine, it’s a perfect fit.

Why Our Family Takes Tervis Everywhere We Go

Tervis has been a leader in high quality drink tumblers, water bottles since 1946. Manufactured in Florida, all Tervis drinkware is crafted with sustainability in mind and the company is passionate about our oceans and the creatures in it. Save the Earth, bring your Tervis. 

Did you know Americans throw away about 50 billion single-use plastic water bottles and 500 billion disposable cups each year? Both of these statistics mean a devastating amount of waste clogging up landfills and creating a major pollution problem. 

That’s why replacing all those disposable plastic water bottles with reusable options is so important. And Tervis makes staying hydrated and helping the planet so much fun with unique designs and colorful styles! Since 2000, Tervis has produced and shipped enough tumblers to potentially prevent over A BILLION single use water bottles from entering landfills. 

And it starts with families like yours and mine. One persona at a time cutting down on landfill waste. And that’s why we take Tervis everywhere we go!

So Many Fun Styles for Everyone!

It’s no wonder that Tervis is a trendsetter of fun tumblers and water bottles. There are SO MANY fun styles!

Where do I start? You’re just going to have to browse around yourself, but here are some best-sellers and favorites: 

For Sports Fanatics

Lots of families have a few sports fanatics among them and Tervis has every sport, and practically every team covered. For my Golden State Warriors fans, this was a no-brainer. 

Tervis has the coolest tumblers in every NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL team. (Golf fans will love this golf ball textured tumbler. So clever!) Watch the game while sipping your favorite beverage and supporting your favorite team. 

Got a favorite college team? Tervis has a tumbler for it!

All That Shimmers

Like a little sparkle? These Shimmer stainless steel tumblers are premium and SO pretty. And if you’re looking for something fun and feminine, I love these Tervis ‘Gifts for Her.”

Fun Characters

Make sure to look for your favorite character tumbler and water bottles like Frozen 2 (I love the “Be Brave” message), Harry Potter (these are best-sellers!), Peanuts, and more.

Licensed Favorites

So many licensed favorites in one place! Diet Coke fanatics are going to love this tumbler! There’s a perfect tumbler for all your favorites, including Disney, DC Comics, Harry Potter and so, so much more. Check out this amazing lineup and find your faves!

Holiday Cheer

Sip your hot cocoa in a festive tumbler from the Holiday Collection. There are so many fun styles, but I especially love this Peanuts Christmas Sweater style. 

Customize Your Own

The Tervis Customyzer lets you design your own drink ware. Play around with adding photos and graphics to tumblers, water bottles, mugs, and more.

*HOT* Tervis Sales!

I can’t say much, but I CAN say that there are some HOT sales in the works this holiday season, so make sure to check in with Tervis regularly. 

Tervis makes high quality reusable drinkware that lasts longer. In fact, they offer an industry-leading guarantee that ensures that any defective product is returned and replaced with a new one to encourage sustainable practices. The returned drink ware is not just recycled, but upcycled into new, usable materials to prevent any contribution to the waste system.


Tervis tumblers and water bottles are the one item families need every single day, no matter where you live or where you go.

Make a difference for our Earth—replace waste with sustainability. Plus, Tervis tumblers are so dang convenient and fun to carry around!

They make great gifts and stocking stuffers for teachers, friends, kids, and pretty much every human on the planet! Show us how committed you are to reducing single-use plastic by bringing your Tervis wherever you go! #TakeYourTervis


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